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How to realize decompression in work and life?

how do we understand stress now? In fact, it's not just the physical pressure on the physical function, including gravity, and the pressure to maintain the heart beating, which are closely related to us

But it seems that we didn't pay attention to it deliberately. It's also because there is not too much need. It's just like air. Only under special circumstances can you pay attention to it.

So what we pay more attention to in our daily life is the mental pressure. For example, life pressure, work pressure or emotional pressure, we need to manage these pressures well.

But we should not go to extremes when managing all kinds of pressures. For example, when we take work pressure as an example, we do not want to eliminate all the pressures.

It can't be realized either. What we can do is to relieve or disperse the pressure as much as possible and reduce all kinds of negative emotions or influences brought by the pressure.

Because the source of a lot of pressure in the workplace is always objective, which is not something we can eliminate. What we can do is to remove the adverse effects of pressure and improve our ability to resist pressure.

Of course, the management department of the company is not just standing by like this, but also designing a friendly and relaxed working atmosphere, and promoting friendly exchanges between colleagues is also essential.

My own decompression method is that I can relax myself through tourism opening, or I can learn the management method of learning time to improve my work and learning efficiency.