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20-year-old Korean star Kim Tong run died of weight or overwork? only two months after his debut, the news of his death suddenly came out. Kim Tongrun, a 20-year-old member of the Korean men's League, died at the age of 20, which made countless fans feel sorry and sad. What was the cause of his death?

Kim Tong run, a 20-year-old contestant in the Korean reality show "mixnine", suddenly heard the news of his death. He only made his debut with the group spectrum in May with his first album. Unexpectedly, his agency confirmed on the official twitter on the 27th that he had passed away, but didn't explain in detail why he died, which made a large number of fans can't accept. Some netizens dug out his profile. He was 180 cm tall It's only 56kg. More netizens left a message at the bottom of the news saying "he died of overwork". There were rumors about the unknown cause of death.

Jin Tongrun, with his elegant appearance and excellent performance in "mixnine", ranked 21. He only made his debut with the group spectrum on May 9, and posted his self portrait with the team members on twitter in July. There was no difference in his appearance. Unexpectedly, the brokerage company confirmed on twitter on July 27. I'm sorry to hear the sad news. On July 27, Jin Tongrun, a member of the company's artist spectrum, came from our side I am leaving. '

In the statement, there was no mention of the cause of Jin Tongrun's death, but only that 'the sudden sad news made the bereaved and spectrum members deeply hurt, and mourned for their old people with a mournful mood. 'Jin Tongrun's farewell ceremony will be held in a low-key manner according to the wishes of the family members.

The sudden news of death made a large number of fans sad, but one of the messages attracted attention. It said that Jin Tongrun died of overwork, and he was 20 years old, 180 cm, but only 56 kg. Many fans complained of 'too unreasonable' and 'how many trips he had run at ordinary times'. They angrily asked the brokerage company to disclose the cause of death and make it clear.