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Specific steps for printing 2018 nurse examination report card the 2018 nurse qualification examination has been successfully completed, and the candidates are undoubtedly concerned about their own results. Candidates can query the results through the China Health Talent Network, so how to print the 2018 nurse examination result notice?

1. Website of transcript printing

Printing steps of 2018 nursing examination result notice are as follows

First: open the China Health Talent Network, click to enter the 2018 nurse practice qualification examination score entry, as shown by the following arrow:

Second: after entering relevant information, click query, as shown in the following arrow;

Third: after clicking query, you will see the following page. Click download and print the achievement notice PDF, as shown by the arrow below.

Special tips:

2. Report card printing time

From July 18 to December 31, 2018, the nurse's report card will not be printed after the deadline, so please print it in time.

Warm tip: please avoid the peak period (near the end period)

3. Do you need to print if you fail

Knock on the blackboard: if you don't pass, you need to print. You need to sign up for the next year's exam. I wish you good results next year!

4. Is the printed report card in black and white or in color?

No special requirements, black and white, color can be.

5. Do you need to stamp the report card?

There is no need to stamp, and the certificate of conformity printed later bears the seal of the official department.

6. Can I print if I lose it?

It can be printed. It's better to download it to the computer or USB flash disk or save it to the mailbox after downloading (it can be printed at any time when necessary). You can't download it after the specified time.

7. No requirement for printed paper?

Generally, A4 paper is used for printing.

8. When and where can I get the certificate?

After downloading and printing the score sheet of nurse qualification examination, go to the Health Bureau of the registration point to get the certificate of nurse qualification examination. Generally, ID card and nurse score sheet are required. The distribution time varies from August to November in different places (some places will be directly distributed to the hospital, and some registered in the school will also be distributed to the school).

9. Time for obtaining nurse qualification certificate

The nurse qualification certificate can be obtained in different places within half a year after passing the examination. It starts in November and December of the local examination. Some late local health bureaus will issue it in March and April the next year. Please pay attention to the notice of the working hospital or the local health bureau.

10. What do you need to get a nurse certificate?

ID card, certificate of achievement, report card. Go to the local health bureau to get it

11. How to issue nurse license?

In some places, the nurse license can be registered after receiving the report card. In some places, only after the qualification certificate is obtained can the higher competent department (Health Bureau) of the practice organization apply for practice registration. Subject to local policies.

Generally, you don't need to go there by yourself. The hospital where you work will report to the Municipal Health Bureau, register with the provincial health department, and then return it to all nurses (in general, the registration is completed and returned to the hospital, which will be directly deducted). The time for the nurse's practice certificate to come down is several months or even half a year later than the qualification certificate.

12. What materials are needed for nurse registration

(1) Application form for nurse registration (downloaded from local health and Family Planning Commission or health talent website);

(2) Identification of the applicant;

(3) Applicant's academic certificate and clinical practice certificate in professional study;

(4) Certificate of qualification in nurse practice qualification examination;

(5) The physical examination certificate issued by the medical institution designated by the health administrative department of the people's Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government within six months;

(6) Relevant materials to be employed by medical and health institutions.

The registration materials are ready to be handed over to the nursing department of the hospital, and the rest are almost out of our control. The hospital will give us the registered nurse certificate.

13. Registration time of nurse practice certificate in 2018

The registration of nurse practice certificate is organized by local health bureaus without reporting to the health talent center. The registration time is different every year. Some health bureaus register once a quarter, four times a year, once in the first half and twice in the second half of the year, and some health bureaus can register all the year. Therefore, the specific registration time needs to consult the local health bureau, or consult the hospital.