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Why are so many beautiful girls around you without being chased?

What is the situation that no one pursues a beautiful girl? In real life, we often encounter such a situation. Many beautiful girls are basically not pursued. Some girls with ordinary appearance and cheerful personality are sought after by many people. What is the matter?

1. Beautiful but cold

It's not terrible to be single. What's terrible is that you don't have a person you like in your heart. Some girls with a particularly cold personality seem to be born with a sense of isolation from boys. From small to large, there are no heterosexuals around, because men also have no courage and are not willing to contact and pursue her.

So, the left over women who are too indifferent may as well smile more, cheerful, sunny girls are generally very popular.

2. Beautiful but demanding

Some beautiful girls may be arrogant, conceited and beautiful, so they are particularly demanding of the men they are looking for. Not only looks like prince charming, but also has a good family background and personality. It can be said that such a good man is rare in the world. Are you really so lucky to meet such a perfect man?

So, the beauty of the remaining women, might as well lower their standards. No one is perfect. As long as the family background and appearance are passable, the personality is good, and it's good for you.

3. It's beautiful, but it's too manly

Now there are many girls around. They look like fairies, but they always feel like a mouthful of leeks in the northeast. They are full of women. For example, they can carry the mineral water bucket to the fifth floor without breath. They can not only screw the bottle cap, but also break the apple and step on the cockroach.

This kind of woman is easy to scare boys, so there is no pursuit of boys around. But, in fact, it's just a surface. This kind of girl is actually very fragile in her heart. She is more eager for the boy's love, but she just doesn't like to show it. Presumably, only the men who deeply touch their hearts can understand their hearts and have the courage to pursue them.

4. Beautiful but introverted

People's psychology, a lot of the time will be on the eyes to talk, to make each other have a good impression on themselves. But there are also many girls because they feel very embarrassed, and unconsciously will move away from each other's eyes. But from the perspective of boys, if the introverted girls often look away, they will feel that they are hated, so as to keep a distance.

So, when you look at a boy you like, you must try to smile at him, pay attention to your vision, and don't move away immediately! In order not to be misunderstood, let the boy think he is hated, you must consciously think about him more.

5. Beautiful people but too material

Not only from the point of view of boys, but also from the point of view of women, women who only buy famous brands feel that they are only interested in money and only care about famous brands, which makes people involuntarily step back. Girls should be careful not to let themselves become the kind of girls who are not famous brands. You are too material to be looked down upon by boys, and you dare not approach. How can you support yourself then.

6. Beautiful but powerful

The type of professional strong woman who can do a good job at any time may be due to the impression that people are working at all times and places. Even inviting her to a date feels rejected, which makes many boys dare not invite her. Don't let people see that they are resting women, or have been around to show that they are very busy people to pay attention. It's not that no one invites you to a date, but that you act as if you can't invite you, which is a high probability.

7. People are beautiful, but they are too second-dimensional. Except for idols, singers and second-dimensional anime, girls who show no interest in other aspects are generally not attractive to boys, and boys do not dare to approach.

So girls should not be too curtily. In addition, in order to avoid making people think that they are not interested in anything but idols, singers and the world of duality, they should often disclose their "want to make boyfriend" ideas to others. Try to face the reality and show your interest in love.

8. Beautiful people, but too 'fickle'

There will also be such girls around, who can be in touch with male groups, and boys as brothers, without any communication obstacles. But maybe it's because the appearance is too beautiful, maybe it's because the personality is too masculine. These two situations will not attract boys. Boys do not want their girlfriend to be a 'seducer', nor do they want their girlfriend to be a 'man woman' who does not fit with their female friends.

So, you, who have been playing with boys all the time, also play with the female friends around you, keep a friendly distance with the opposite sex, so that the right people dare to come near.

9. Beautiful but emotionally hurt

Impressed by the past lovelorn, or because of the negative reaction of external conditions to love, this kind of woman is hard to make progress with no matter how many men pursue her. It's hard for people who are traumatized in love to think about positive things. If the vigilance is strong, it's hard to invite. Their inborn sense of isolation from the opposite sex also keeps men away.