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How do you apply tiktok to blue V? Tiktok V what role does it play?

Tiktok recently saw many small buddy members see a blue V word on the shaking head. What does blue V mean? What's the use of blue V? How do you apply tiktok to blue V? Editor today for you to introduce the role of this blue V and application methods in detail!

Tiktok blue V how to apply

1. How to apply tiktok "enterprise certification"?

If you tiktok account tiktok apply for "enterprise authentication", it means your shaking account will become an enterprise identity. The short video and other interactive contents you publish will reflect your business behavior. So you need to ensure that your account information (head, user name, signature) is consistent with your enterprise authentication information. Tiktok tiktok can also be registered as a business account by avoiding the fact that you are mistaking your personal voice account for an enterprise account.

Please use computer to login or log on to tiktok, click on the application and jump to the corresponding page.

Tiktok authentication process:

Detailed explanation of tiktok binding process:

2. What conditions do you need to meet tiktok certification?

Tiktok accounts already exist, and account information (head, user name, signature) conforms to the enterprise authentication information.

-Submit the color scanning copy of the business license of the enterprise subject corresponding to the account information;

-Submit the color scanning copy of the official certification letter with official seal;

-If you have any, please provide: screenshot of ICP filing query, scanning copy of trademark registration certificate, scanning copy of software copyright certificate, scanning copy of other brand authorization documents.

Tiktok tiktok's qualification requirements are mentioned above. The audit company will not require you to submit other qualifications or documents. All the contents you submitted are only used for the "enterprise certification".

3. What are the standards for enterprise certification qualification review?

Please refer to the "tiktok" audit criteria.

4. How long does it pass after applying for certification?

Please submit the certification qualification as required, and the audit organization will complete the audit within 2 working days. If the audit passes, the authentication will be opened within 2 working days. If the audit fails, please modify or resubmit the information as prompted by the staff. If you provide false information for many times or fail to provide accurate information within 10 days, the certification fails. Please resubmit the application within 30 days.

5. What is the validity period of enterprise certification?

The advanced functions of the tiktok enterprise certification are all dependent on the qualification of certification. One year later, the information of the enterprise qualification certificate and the operator may change. To ensure tiktok tiktok's advanced function permission account is still a legal and reliable enterprise / organization, the enterprise business certification is valid for one year. If you want to continue to use advanced functions after expiration, you need to apply for certification again.

6, is tiktok "enterprise certification" charged?

Enterprise certification will also provide more services to enterprises, tiktok platform operation and enhance corporate credibility. We have introduced a third-party professional audit institution to audit the authenticity, legality and effectiveness of the account subject qualification. Therefore, an audit service fee of 300 yuan / time is required for applying for enterprise certification, which is a one-time fee based on the certification audit service. No matter the certification is successful or failed, we need to entrust a third party to provide the certification audit service. Therefore, every enterprise applying for certification needs to pay the audit service fee as a reasonable expenditure for the certification audit service.

7, I have already launched the headline "enterprise certification". Is it necessary to pay for the application of the tiktok business certification?

If you have already opened the headline "enterprise authentication", you can synchronize your account authentication information to the tiktok in the future by way of account correlation. Tiktok tiktok certification is still required before you can get the product to be on line. Tiktok mobile phone tiktok is recommended to log in when you log on, and use the headline account as a login mode. You should not use other login methods to log on, or else you will affect the synchronization of accounts in the future. At the same time, you need to ensure that you keep consistent information on the two tiktok, account information, head and user name, and match your authentication information.

8. What is the effect of the rights and interests of blue V advanced certification of the brand homepage?

Tiktok is currently in the beta stage of the blue V certification. The brand Adidas video, the Audi Neo and the casabit washing machine, are invited to participate in the internal test to verify the product effect.

The data shows that the blue V advanced certification of the brand homepage has a significant effect on the long-term brand management users and brand marketing. Take Adidas Neo as an example. Since March 2018, the blue V premium of the tiktok short video cooperative brand has accumulated 1 million 215 thousand fans and video total volume of 150 million in less than a month, resulting in 2 million 800 thousand interactive volume. In addition, Audi and Casati washing machines also achieved good results according to their respective brand marketing methods.

Based on these forward feedback, the short video of jitter will follow the open blue tiktok V blue certification application channel.

9. When will the application channel be opened for blue V advanced certification on the brand homepage?

The brand homepage blue V advanced certification is expected to go online in June 2018. Tiktok will be the first time to notify the brand owner after the online video.