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2016 table tennis Australian Open women's singles top 16 match schedule

On July 26, the 2018 ITTF australian open ended the first round of women's singles competition. Li Jiayu lost 2-4 to Singapore veteran Feng Tianwei in the key battle, becoming the only Chinese player out of the first round. Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning, Gu Yuting and he Zhuojia all successfully defeated their rivals and entered the top 16 women's singles in this open competition.

Zone 1 / 4:

Shichuan Jiachun (Japan) 4-2 Ando meinaimei (Japan), Shida Shaji (Japan) 4-0 balazova (Sri Lanka)

Tian Zhixi (Korea) 4-3 Li Jie (he), Sato Tong (Japan) 4-0 batra (India)

The first round of the women's singles was challenged by teammate katsuke Ando. In the first four sets, the two men fought 2-2, and then Kawabata Ishikawa won the fifth and sixth set with 11-7 and 11-4, and won the 4-2 victory over Ando Minami. Yasukuni Ishikawa will compete for the top eight seats with his teammate Shida Shaji, who won Slovakia's balazova in four straight sets in the first round.

The match between Tian Zhixi and Li Jie was quite brilliant. Tian Zhixi won three games in a row with a score of 0-2 in the first two games, and then overtook him with a score of 3-2. After Li Jie won the sixth game, Tian Zhixi won 11-6 in the decisive game. Next, Tian Zhixi will compete for the top eight seats with Japanese chopper Sato Tong, who won the first round 4-0 victory over India's first sister bhattara.

Zone 2 / 4:

Ding Ning (middle) 4-0 Zheng Xianxian (Taiwan), Xu Xiaoyuan (South Korea) 4-2 bangben Youwei (Japan)

Kato Meiyou (Japan) 2-4 Yu Mengyu (New), Hirano Meiyu (Japan) 4-0 Cui Xiaozhu (South Korea)

Ding Ning, a grand slam player, beat Zheng Xianxian of Chinese Taipei 4-0 in the first round, while Xu Xiaoyuan, a Korean chopper, beat Hamamoto, a Japanese mixed player, 4-2 in the second round. Yu Mengyu performed well in the first round and eliminated Japan's Kato Meiyou 4-2. Pingye Meiyu beat Choi Hsiao Joo of South Korea 12-10, 11-8, 11-9 and 11-6 in the first round, and pingye Meiyu will face Mengyu in the second round.

Zone 3 / 4:

Ito Meicheng (Japan) 4-2 Lin Ye (New), Chen Siyu (Taiwan) 1-4 Zeng Jian (New)

Hong Jianfang (AO) 0-4 he Zhuojia (middle), Feng Tianwei (New) 2-4 Li Jiayu (middle)

Ito Meicheng eliminated Lin Ye from Singapore 4-2 in six innings. Her second round opponent was Zeng Jian of Singapore, who beat Chen Siyu of Chinese Taipei team 4-1 in the first round. He Zhuojia, the qualification player of China team, eliminated the host veteran Hong Jianfang in the first round 11-4, 11-5, 11-5 and 11-6. Hong Jianfang directly holds a top 16 seed seat as a host player, otherwise she is almost impossible to enter the platinum open.

Li Jiayu narrowly won 4-3 of the qualification competition, thus winning the qualification of the women's singles competition, but in the first round she met her rival Feng Tianwei. In the first two games, Li Jiayu lost 10-12 and 8-11, and in the third, she pulled back 11-9. Feng Tianwei won the fourth set 11-4, and Li Jiayu chased the game 2-3 in the fifth set 11-9. In the sixth set, Feng Tianwei managed to control the situation better. She won 11-8 and beat Li Jiayu 4-2 to enter the second round of women's singles. Then he Zhuojia will continue to challenge Feng Tianwei in the top 16.

4/4 area

Zheng Yijing (Taiwan) 2-4 sutacini (Thailand), Zaotian Sina (Japan) 2-4 Liang Xiayin (South Korea)

Gu Yuting (middle) 4-0 TATO Shayue (day), Liu Shiwen (middle) 4-0 Matsuzawa Molina (day)

Thailand's first sister, sutasini, beat Zheng Yijing, the runner up of the 2016 women's table tennis world cup, 4-2 in this round. Asada Shina, who suffered a foot injury in the last leg of South Korea, lost 2-4 in the first round of the women's singles to Liang Xiayin of South Korea today. Liang Xiayin will face sutasini in the next round. Gu Yuting, China's seed player, beat Japan's 14-year-old Sato 11-5, 11-5, 11-6 and 11-4 in the first round. Liu Shiwen, the second seed of the competition, also went straight to four games, winning 4-0 over Japanese player Matsuzawa Molina, and Gu Yuting will challenge Liu Shiwen in the next round.