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The true and false identification of Keyan's white mud Cleanser (with picture comparison) Keyan's white mud cleanser has always been very popular with fairies. It's not tight and is very suitable for summer use. However, how can I know whether the Keyan's white mud cleanser I bought is authentic or not? I will analyze it for you.

The true and false identification of Keyan's white mud Cleanser

Front of outer package

Note: Keyan's white mud cleanser has no box or outer membrane

So you don't have to worry about it when you receive it

Different font thickness

The printing of authentic is thinner than that of fake

High definition

Reverse side of outer package

Look at the black rectangle at the top of the back

Top of the line

Partially printed on top of the seal;

And the fake is on the bottom

Distance from top seal

The next step is to witness the fakes

Differences in lid folds

Cover opening recess

There is a small point in the authentic mouth

Counterfeiters are big and rough

Open the lid

I'm so excited when I open the lid

Look at the spiral

Authentic spiral lines are thick

There is no rotation to the bottom;

The spiral lines of fakes are thin

High rotational density

You can directly see the paste constitution

The genuine paste is white and muddy

Fake goods are really rare

Like usual skin care lotion

Look inside the lid

Genuine cover plastic material is thick

Fine workmanship, good edge treatment;

It can be seen that the fake cover is a little rough

Thin material

There are also color differences between genuine and fake lids

Authentic colors are heavier

Large export of authentic products

Because the paste is thick and difficult to extrude;

The export of fake goods is very small

Considering the thin texture?

This is also the most obvious point