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How to read SKR? What does SKR mean

With the popularity of new rap in China, the SKR that Wu Yifan often talks about in the program is also hot. Many people who don't watch the program don't know what the meaning of SKR is. The following editor will introduce what the meaning of SKR is, how to pronounce it and how to read it.

How to pronounce skr

The correct pronunciation of SKR is dead song, or Teague. Generally speaking, when you say this word, you need to match it with the special action of rap, and do a full set of actions to have a model!

Skr can also be used as SKR r r. Add more R, which is a common word in rap. There are generally two explanations for the specific meaning of the word: the first one is to imitate the sound of car tires spinning, because the rap (money worship) often refers to sports cars, and at this time we must add a sentence skrrrrrrrr. The second and most recognized saying is that when you don't recognize something, you use a SKR, which means "cut" in Chinese. Others respond with 'SKR' when greeting.

Skr is a commonly used word in rap, but it has become popular on the Internet. As a hot word on the Internet, SKR is popular in the recently broadcast youth rap music reality show "China new rap". As a star producer of Chinese new rap, Wu Yifan seems to bring his own BGM. Wu Yifan has been saying "SKR SKR" at the press conference of "China new rap". When it comes to popular words, Wu also predicted that the word "SKR" has a great potential to become popular. In order to build momentum for the 'potential online celebrity' in advance, several producers at the conference made every effort. In the quick Q & a section, everyone's speech ends with 'SKR', full of magic.

What does SKR mean

Skr is to imitate the sound of automobile exhaust, which is a bit like the meaning of the tone word "cut".

As Wu Yifan said, can we not be angry? Wu Yifan's crazy Amway at the local singing conference, skr30 asked you if you were afraid!

Last year, there was freestyle. Kids who had nine-year compulsory education should know the meaning of impromptu rap, right?! I don't know how to refund my tuition to the state!

However, this year's SKR, no matter what baidu dictionary you use to translate or Netease dictionary! Check! No Here!

I don't know what it means to follow the wind? It's not hip-hop or real!

So netizens began to popularize knowledge! Weibo has said that there are two ways of saying SKR, one is to imitate the sound of tire grinding, the other is to say that they don't approve of things.

Skr is actually skrt. It's black slang. It meant driving, but in fact, there's no other special meaning in rap. It's a modal particle. When you're happy, you can say that it means recognition or just let it go. It's the same meaning as aye.