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New generation of Audi Q3 official map release new highlights of new generation of Audi Q3 as scheduled, recently, Audi officially released the official map of a new generation of Q3. The new car will be built based on MQB platform and use the latest Audi family style design style. What are the highlights of the new car?

New car highlights:

1. Based on MQB platform

2. Adopt the new family design style of Audi

3. Large increase in body size

In terms of appearance, the brand-new Audi Q3 can see many shadows of Q8. From the perspective of the huge polygonal air intake grille, the shape of the grille will change in Audi's latest family style design style. Not only has the shape of the headlight changed, but also the design of the inner light guide belt is obviously different from the current one. In addition, the design of the lower intake part is more complex. It is understood that the new car will be equipped with LED and halogen headlights in two different configurations.

In terms of size, the new Q3 looks very close to the size of Q5 because it is built on MQB platform. It is reported that the length, width and height of the new car are 4485 / 1856 / 1585mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2680. Taillight shape has also changed, more sharp, the overall tail and bumper design is now the popular multi-level style, and the shape of the vent is more sports and beautiful. But it's still easy to recognize that this is a Q3.

In the interior part, the new generation Q3 of Audi also adopts the latest family style design, which makes the overall shape more concise and looks more refined. In addition, the interior color of the vehicle also provides a variety of options, such as a pure black interior or a design with orange embellishment, which adds a sense of dynamism to Q3, a model that focuses on the young market.

In terms of configuration, the new car cancelled the suspended central control screen and replaced the lower 8.8-inch touch screen. In addition, it is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, with a technology sense explosion shed. The air outlet of the air conditioner is moved up to the top of the LCD screen.

For the power part, the new car will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines, of which 1.5T engine will provide high and low power specifications, with power ranging from 110KW to 169kw. It is matched with 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed double clutch transmission. The new Q3 plug-in hybrid model of Audi in the future.

The new generation Q3 provides six driving mode adjustments, which can be adjusted from comfort to sport mode according to the driver's needs. Under different mode selection, suspension damping, direction weight and shift speed will be different.

In terms of safety, the new Q3 is equipped with emergency brake warning system, lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control system and active Lane Assist system.