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How to enrich your life after retirement?

I have worked hard in my post for a lifetime, and now I am retired with honor. But after three or forty years of nine to five, I didn't know how to arrange my life. So what should I do after retirement to enrich my old life?

Arrange your own rest time reasonably. Some old people, because when they are free, become more inactive. Sleep too much in the daytime, but not at night. This is very bad for health. Just like at work, get up regularly, go to bed regularly and have a regular life.

Play taijiquan. Taijiquan is very suitable for the elderly. For physiological reasons, the elderly are not suitable for vigorous exercise. Taijiquan is a whole body exercise, which makes every part get reasonable exercise. The speed of movement is not tight or slow, and it's easy to learn.

Practice calligraphy. Nowadays, calligraphy classes have been set up in the universities for the elderly. It's a pleasure to study calligraphy with new friends. Writing calligraphy can cultivate one's temperament and improve one's aesthetic ability. However, it is suggested that middle-aged and elderly friends, when writing, also remember to rest, long-term low head on cervical spine injury Oh!

Go into the community and make friends. When you go to the community, you will find many old friends, Mr. Wang next door and Mrs. Li downstairs, to talk about family life together. You can also meet some new friends, talk about children's topics, and talk about the interesting things you met in your previous work.

Play chess. Whether it is go or chess, it is suitable for the elderly, especially those who are impatient. Acute attack is bad for longevity. In the process of playing chess, learn how to hold back your temper. In the competition, make new friends who match the match.

An old people's Choir (a band, etc.). You may have loved music since you were a child, but you have been engaged in other occupations. Now you can make up for this regret. Singing is very good for health and longevity. Sing red songs with you, think back to your youth, and invite yourself to come to the show!