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An analysis of the heirs and pets of the emperor in Yan Xi strategic plan PK legend of Zhen Huan

Sihainet: a few days after the launch of Yanxi strategy, various voices appeared on the Internet. Some attentive Netizens found that many small details of the play, whether it's human settings or plot, were slightly similar to the legend of Zhen Huan. Let's take a look at the specific analysis.

From the perspective of the big story framework, both plays are about the personal promotion of the imperial concubines of the Qing Dynasty. The prototype of Zhen Huan is the Xi imperial concubine of Yongzheng, while the prototype of Yingluo is the imperial concubine of Qianlong. Although the reason and purpose of two people's entering the palace are different, and their life experience and personal experience are also different, the process of personal growth is similar. They start from the bottom of the palace, and with their own wisdom and skill, step by step to the peak of the power of the Imperial Palace.

From the perspective of the personal growth experience in the play, Zhen Huan's growth and blackening are more tortuous. When she first entered the palace, Zhen Huan was still an intelligent and innocent girl, because at the beginning of entering the palace, she saw two bloodshed in the palace fight, one was that Hua Fei beat Xia Dongchun, the other was that she saw the blessing in the dead water well. These two things made Zhen Huan realize the cruelty of the palace fight, so she took the opportunity to hold it Illness, the 'hidden light', until the emperor met in the imperial garden, began to be favored, open the road to promotion.

In the first half of the play, Zhen Huan is always pure, kind and intelligent. Even if she takes the initiative, her purpose is to protect herself. Later, she fell out with Yongzheng and was demoted from the palace. Because of the unexpected Wulong incident of Guojun king, her family was exiled to ningguta and other misfortunes. Finally, for the sake of Guojun king, to save her family, and to revenge and persecute her own empress party, she had to go back to the palace again, and Zhen Huan after returning to the palace again. Although her makeup is beautiful, she has started to 'blacken' internally, and she no longer It used to be silly, white and sweet, but became cautious and thoughtful. Finally, she used her unsustainable children to overthrow the queen and let the people who framed her take the convenience one by one.

Different from Zhen Huan, Yingluo is a 'ruthless role' when she appears. She is resourceful, bold and meticulous. With a 'Lotus stem born step by step', she saves the auspicious disaster. At the same time, with the help of the emperor's hand, she drives the frivolous little Lord Wuya out of the Forbidden City.

Since then, all the way to power, to see God kill God, to see the devil subdue the devil, all want to bully her, and her resentment, were she one by one design counterattack, or take the Bento, or be expelled. As small as the exquisite maids and as big as the prince Yi, who has provoked Yingluo, who is unlucky.

Yingluo's open IQ and clever counterattack made the queen look at her with great admiration. While supporting Yingluo, she also taught her not to be generous and generous. The guidance of the empress to Yingluo is similar to that of the Empress Dowager in the legend of Zhen Huan. She values, teaches, rewards and punishments clearly, and adjusts appropriately.

In addition to the CP of empress Fucha and Yingluo, the empress and pure imperial concubine are also a pair of close CP. from the current state of pure imperial concubine, she is very similar to the combination of Duanfei and meizhuang in the legend of Zhen Huan. In the play, like meizhuang defending Zhen Huan, she defends the empress and looks after the empress in everything. Whether it's to help Yugui or to win over Princess Xian, she is ultimately helping the empress expand her power. Knowing that the emperor loves the empress deeply, she intentionally uses cold water shower to cause illness and not serve her.

It's also said by the spoiler that pure Princess doesn't go to bed because she likes Fu Heng, so she will become the rival of Yingluo in the future and start to deal with Yingluo. From the broadcast now, pure princess's purpose is not very obvious, but she thinks she has a deep mind. If she wants to deal with anyone, she will be very gloomy.

In the legend of Zhen Huan, at the beginning of the struggle situation, there were three groups: the empress, the princess and the meizhuang. Because when she first entered the palace, Zhen Huan was still in a state of crisis, just like Liu Huangshu, who had not been assisted by Zhuge. She could only temporarily unite with the queen to deal with the arrogant and schemless Princess Hua. After the fall of Princess Hua, she and the queen began to fight against each other.

As the first opponent of Zhen Huan, in terms of IQ, Hua Fei is not an opponent of Zhen Huan, but she has a very vicious accomplice, Cao Guiren. Just like Gao Guifei had a Jiapin as a helper.

Gao Guifei's and Jiadi's people set up a party of two people and a villain, which is very similar to the villain CP of Hua Fei and Cao Guiren.

Like the Chinese imperial concubine, the noble people have gained the position and power next to the empress in the palace by virtue of the influence of their mother's family. Personality is also relatively strong, the same domineering, foolhardy. If Princess Hua doesn't have Cao Guiren's plan and Gao Guifei doesn't have Jiayan's instigation, their own lethality is relatively limited. Imagine a woman who has no plan but is pampered and violent. Can she really stand stably in the palace? It's hard!

The reason why Cao GUI people attached themselves to Hua Fei and Jia's concubines joined Gao GUI's concubines was to strive for greater benefits for their children. Even the results were the same, that is to say, for their children. At last, they involved their children as a tool to fight for power and profit. Hua Fei used Cao GUI's Princess Wen Yi to frame Zhen Huan. Jia's concubines framed Xian Fei to get back their children and make their children ill. Finally, not only did Jia's concubines If you lose your children, you will die. Cao Guiren was secretly poisoned by the Emperor 's order, while Jiagong was strangled by Xianfei.

Without the help of Cao Guiren, Princess Hua soon fell down, while Gao Guifei began to go downhill after losing her concubines. This should be the most identical pair of villains CP in the two dramas. They are not only similar in human settings, but also in the means of harming people. The difference between them is that Cao GUI's life is a girl, and Jiadi gave birth to an elder brother.

Legend of Zhen Huan: after the fall of the Chinese imperial concubine, Zhen Huan and the empress officially met. In the strategy for extending the jubilee, Gao Guifei in the play just started to have bad luck. Xiaobian might as well guess that after the fall of Gao Guifei, Luo's opponent with the empress is probably Xian Fei after Heihua.

At the beginning, Princess Xian was very similar to anling Rong. At the beginning, she was very Buddhist. The difference was her posture. Because of her humble background, anling Rong's meekness and tenderness and submissiveness to people seem to be a white rabbit harmless to people and animals, while the same humble Princess Xian is very high and independent. In order to maintain her independence, she refuses to be courted by the high princess, refuses to be courted by the pure princess, and even sees her father and brother go to jail one after another without intercession, so that her brother dies miserably and her mother dies Personally. After her family was destroyed and her concubines ridiculed her, Princess Xian realized and began to blacken. It is predicted that after Gao Guifei, she will eventually become the biggest enemy of Yingluo. After Heihua, Xian will probably become the extremely poisonous empress in the legend of Zhen Huan. She is virtuous on the surface and sinister in the interior.

In addition to the high similarity of the villain combination of Princess Hua and Princess Gao, there are also some similar characters in the two plays, such as Wuya Qingdai and Xia Dongchun, er Qing and Cui Jinxi, Yugui and Fucha. According to the spoiler, er Qing will turn black, because she also likes Fu Heng. Fu Heng's heart is not in her, so she turns to Yingluo. But as far as the plot is concerned, er Qing is not so bad.

In particular, Fucha FUHENG felt that he was a combination of Guojun king and Wen Shichu. He said that he was born as the Queen's brother, Guojun king was the emperor's brother, and Fucha FUHENG was the court guard. After he had feelings for Yingluo, he could protect Yingluo just as Wen Shichu protected Zhen Huan. As for the final outcome, it depends on the arrangement of the screenwriter. Is it also like Princess Guo who was killed by the emperor? Xiaobian estimated that once Qianlong found out that his brother-in-law liked his concubine, he would not tolerate it.

In addition to the similarities in human settings, the two plays have some similarities in plot arrangement. For example, a large group of women can't escape from the "children's block" when they are fighting against each other. If they have children or harm them, they will support most of the play.

In the legend of Zhen Huan, Zhen Huan is pregnant four times and has three children. Every time she gets pregnant, every time she gives birth to her baby, it is a fight and a storm. The empress Yi Xiu in the play is even more covetous to the emperor's children. The calculated Yongzheng is almost dead. She calculated her own sister's children, calculated the children of the rich and dignified people, and instructed anling to poison Zhen Huan, who was pregnant for the first time, with Shuren glue. She also has the time to protect her children, but it seems that all of them are unavoidable. The first time to protect her children is because the Empress Dowager straightens Zhen Huan, who is pregnant again It was handed over to her. The child had something to do with her. She couldn't get rid of it, so Zhen Huan gave birth to Princess Yuyue. The second time to protect the children is to protect the face of anling and frame Zhen Huan. What's funny is that she didn't succeed. Zhen Huan succeeded and sent her queen directly to the cold palace. By the way, meizhuang also lost favor because of the "false pregnancy event", which cooled her heart.

In the legend of Zhen Huan, Huangsi terrier was brought out again and again to be used, and it was tried repeatedly. Therefore, the whole play became the classic of palace fighting drama, and Huangsi Terrier became the strategy of palace fighting drama. In the strategy of extending the jubilee, the emperor's heirs are also used. It is because she is pregnant that Yugui people are framed and calculated.

I think this stem will be picked up repeatedly in the later plot of the Yanxi strategy, because the empress Fucha is recuperating, she will soon have the emperor's heir and Princess Xian. According to the historical records, Princess Xian also needs three children, Yingluo and the emperor will have six children, and his concubines. It's a good play to have children every time she gets pregnant.

There are also various kinds of 'medicinal food stems'. For example, anling Rong, a master of incense making, will mix musk with Shuxian gum to harm Zhen Huan's small production, and will instigate Princess Qi to harm people with oleander. Even the emperor will use Huanyi incense to destroy the fertility of Princess Hua. In Yanxi strategy, Gao Guifei will also use the poisonous pharmacology of the new leaves of Pipa to harm Yu Guiren. If not, she will use shell powder instead of pearl powder.

There is also "pet Terrier". In the legend of Zhen Huan, the queen has a cat named pine nut, which frightens the children of the rich and valuable people. Later, Zhen Huan uses the cat of Ning's concubine to give birth to twins. In the Yanxi strategy, Gao Guifei has a dog named Snowball, which almost frightens the children of the happy people...

The plot of "Yanxi strategy" is still going on, and there is a large number of colorful "Gong Dou stem" walking on the road, let's see and analyze.