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Can the mat be exposed to the sun? How to clean the mat

The mat is as dirty as the bedspread. It's very dirty if you sweat a lot in summer and stick on the ashes? How to clean the mat? How to clean the mat with different materials? Can you put it in the sun after cleaning? Let's have a look.

Can the mat be exposed to the sun

Generally, they can be exposed to the sun and sterilized, but it's better to dry the bamboo mat in the shade, but it's better to wash the mat every day.

Mat can and should be more in the sun, this is conducive to sterilization, in addition to moisture, can also kill mites. However, it is recommended not to expose to the sun. It's better to put it in a place where the sun is not so strong. The straw mat will change color and become hard when exposed to the sun, and the cowhide mat will change shape and deteriorate, especially the bamboo mat. Never expose to the sun. The bamboo mat should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise it will become brittle. Before use, it should be wiped with warm boiled water and then dried in the shade. The best way is to dry it for two or three hours when the sun is not very strong, so as to sterilize and not affect the life of the mat.

It should be noted that the bamboo mat can not be exposed to the sun but can only be dried in the shade.

Usually, the bamboo mat is ventilated and dried, or slightly dried when the sun is not strong, so that it can dry faster. Users with bamboo mats at home should pay attention to that the best way to clean bamboo mats is to wipe them with a cloth dipped in warm water, then dry them in the air, and then use them. It is not suitable for exposure.

How to clean the mat

The mat is also divided into different types. Different methods are different. Here are several methods.

1. How to wash bamboo mat

Bamboo mat can not be long bubble, so as to avoid back shrinkage and degumming. The general way to clean the bamboo mat is to use a hot wet towel to scrub it slowly. The first time, it can be slightly wet. The second time, it needs to be dried and then wiped. Finally, it can be dried in a dry and ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun.

2. How to wash mahjong mat

You can use vinegar and salt to make warm water for cleaning, or you can directly use warm water for cleaning. It's better to wipe with warm water every day, so as to keep the mat clean and maintain it. In fact, this kind of mahjong mat is easy to clean, as long as it is not stained with oil, it generally does not need cleaning agent. In the South and humid areas, special attention should be paid to drying thoroughly to avoid mildew.

3. How to wash linen mat

Linen mat can be washed and dry cleaned. When washing, soak in warm water for 10 minutes, and the water temperature is 30 ℃. After washing, it should be smooth and dry in the shade. Do not screw it hard. When it is 80% dry in the shade, iron it with high temperature to make it smoother.

4. How to wash the cowhide mat

Cowhide mat is the top grade of mat, so you should pay special attention to cleaning. During the normal use of cowhide mat, it is necessary to clean the mat regularly with a slightly wet towel. Do not use it in the sun, rain, baking or flushing. If there is any stain, just wipe it gently with a wet towel, and then air dry it naturally.

5. How to wash bamboo mat

Bamboo fiber mat is the most convenient mat, because it can be washed directly with home washing machine, and it is easy to fold and keep. However, when cleaning bamboo fiber mat with washing machine, we need to pay attention to several points. First, we need to soak it in warm water for 10 minutes. Second, we need to use washing machine to wash it weakly, and neutral detergent. Finally, we need to place the ventilation place to air dry naturally.

Notes on sleeping mat

1. If you don't use the mat properly, you will suffer from mat dermatitis.

2. Not everyone is suitable for sleeping on the mat.

3. Scald the mat with boiling water. Just scald the mat for the first time in boiling water for about 10 minutes and then dry it to remove mites. No matter the newly bought mat or the mat of previous years, when it is first taken out for use this year, it needs to be cleaned carefully and exposed to the sun to kill mites and their eggs, especially the mat of the next year. This mat has more mould than the newly bought mat, so it needs to be cleaned and sterilized.

4. In summer, we sweat a lot. Our sweat is mixed in the mat and the sheets. If we don't change the sheets frequently, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause skin diseases. At ordinary times, we'd better scrub at least twice a week and expose ourselves to the sun once a half month. When the weather turns cold, remove the mat in time to avoid getting cold.

5. Avoid washing with water to prevent mildew damage. If the mat really needs cleaning, it can be wiped with a wet soft towel.

6. Avoid exposure to the sun, which will affect the service life of the mat.

7. Do not fold. When laying, keep the mat flat. Like bamboo bar mat and bamboo silk mat, it is not suitable to lay on the too soft brown taut bed or the steel wire bed with too large sag, otherwise its service life will be affected.