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How to use it

the beauty stick is really the rescue treasure in cosmetics. It's not only the perfect make-up, but also the lack of him. With him, I feel that I can be more beautiful eight degrees. How to use the manicure stick? It's just too detailed. Come to have a look!

How to use the double headed face repairing stick step 1: cheek

It can be seen that the model's face is an ordinary round face, with no three-dimensional facial features and no obvious outline. Use a repair stick to smear the dotted line from the cheeks on both sides to the chin.

Use makeup eggs to push the face cream from the outside to the inside, extending to the chin to the neck, making the face and neck color transition natural.

Step 2: nose shadow forehead

Apply the repair stick to the part of the eye socket connecting the bridge of the nose, both sides of the nose, and then to the part of the forehead near the hairline. Use your fingers to apply evenly on both sides of the bridge of the nose, and use natural shadow to modify the shape of the nose.

Step 3: Highlight

Using a highlighter, apply it to the dotted line shown on the forehead, the root of the hill, under the pouch, and under the chin.

Apply the highlight of the high gloss cream evenly with the make-up egg, with the edge trace of the halo dye, the general contour of the face is much clearer, and the cheek tickle has a more three-dimensional feeling than before the make-up.

How to deal with the broken face repairing stick

&#How to deal with the disconnection of 8203; &; &; &; &; &; &; manicure stick: no trace connection

After the repair stick is broken, the method to be taken back refers to the method of interface red. First use a lighter to burn the edges and melt them, then use tweezers to splice them together, cover them and place them in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

What to do if the stick is broken: face cream

If you can't take it back, you can choose to scrape it all off and put it into an iron spoon, and heat it with an alcohol lamp or lighter until it melts. Wash an empty empty eye shadow box, dry it, pour the liquid after melting, and then cool down.

How to use the figure of the beauty stick

Step 1: brighten the forehead, the position in the middle of the forehead, and draw the middle of the two eyebrows at will.

Step 2: brighten the bridge of the nose. Draw along two thirds of the bridge of the nose with a sharpening pen. Be straight or it will be unnatural.

Step 3: brighten the apple muscle, draw a triangle according to the method in the figure at present, such brightening triangle will not lead to too much daubing in brightening the whole apple muscle area, at the same time, it will be brought to the upper side of the zygomatic bone, fingers can pat while daubing intensively, and expand inwards at the edge of the triangle.

Step 4: highlight the Dharma glyph and draw a stroke along the mana glyph, as shown in the figure.

Step 5: brighten the person and chin, click in the person, and then draw a small circle or a small inverted triangle in the chin.

Step 6: brighten the brow bone. Draw a stroke on the lower edge of the brow tail. Brighten the brow bone to make the outline more obvious.

Step 7: open each highlight gently by hand to both sides. The fingers can be applied evenly with moderate force.