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What is the cooling principle of ice salt as air conditioning ice salt?

In the hot summer, many people don't feel cool to turn on the air conditioner. Some netizens said that ice + salt can make green air conditioner. Is it true? The reporter poured salt on the ice, and the temperature of the ice dropped by 21 ℃ in an instant. With the help of the fan, the room temperature dropped by 11 ℃. It turns out that salt makes the melting point of ice lower, so it needs to absorb more heat.

Summer weather is very hot, many people can not do without air conditioning, but for people who do not have air conditioning is also a kind of suffering, the following small series to teach you a method, can be comparable to air conditioning Oh!

What is the principle of ice salt comparable to air conditioning? Netizens said that ice + salt can make 'green air conditioning'. Is it true? The reporter poured salt on the ice, and the temperature of the ice dropped by 21 ℃ in an instant, and the room temperature dropped by 11 ℃ with the help of the fan. It turns out that salt lowers the melting point of ice, which needs to absorb more heat. Do not plug in cooling method, transfer to ta who can not blow air conditioner for a long time!

What's the use of ice and salt?

Salt itself is not cold, but why does the temperature of ice and salt drop? It's really strange! Before we answer, let's think about the dissolution of objects. Whether it's a candle or an ice cube, you have to absorb heat from the surrounding area. After absorbing heat, your temperature rises, and then it melts into a liquid That's understandable. Let's answer the questions formally. Mix ice with salt so that the ice itself will melt a little bit. Melting requires heat around, so it's getting cold The melted ice became water, and salt was dissolved in the water. The dissolution of salt also needs to absorb the surrounding heat.

Repeat the process of melting ice and salt. Every time they change, the heat is lost around them. In this way, the surrounding temperature can be reduced to below 0 ℃ or even to about - 20 ℃ A material, such as ice and salt, that lowers the temperature of an object is called a refrigerant.

In the summer, we might as well make a small experiment of making our own popsicle in this way Please prepare a glass or plastic container similar to a test tube. Pour sugar water into the container and insert a small wooden stick in the middle Then, break the ice into small pieces, put them into a clean bucket or aluminum rice mixture, and then pour in the crystal salt, and mix them evenly In the ice, insert the container filled with sugar water and rotate it several times. It won't take too long for one ice stick to be made In addition, in winter, the road surface is covered with ice and snow. People often sprinkle some industrial salt on the road surface to accelerate the melting of ice and snow. However, because of this method, the road surface temperature will drop to about - 20 ℃, and the road surface is often frozen.