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How can 35 year old women lead a good career life?

for enterprises, they prefer to choose young blood rather than recruit older employees. So how can 35 year old working women live a good working life?

Be careful about job hopping

For working women of this age, they must be cautious about job hopping. If they don't find a better underground home, they should stick to their existing jobs.

Have a sense of crisis

At this stage, you must have a sense of crisis, because one of you may lose an important position accidentally. After all, there are many post 90s looking at your position.

Highlight self ability

If you want to occupy a higher position in the existing enterprise at this time, you need to constantly improve and highlight your ability so that the boss can see your value.

Adjust your mind

With the growth of age, it must be young people's competition later. At this time, you must learn to adjust your mentality, and then constantly charge yourself, without wasting a little time.

Improve your professional skills

Compared with young people, you have many advantages, such as your accumulated contacts and professional skills. At this time, if you want to not be caught up by the latecomers, you still need to learn from all aspects.

Coordinate family work relationship

Family harmony is the key to your hard work. Therefore, you must learn to coordinate the relationship between family and work, so that you can become better.