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How many times a week does the wizard open 2? Where is the unasked mage 2 broadcast?

when will the second hours of the wizard be broadcast? How many episodes a week? "No heart Master 2" was broadcast on Sohu video and Tencent video platform in August 14, 2017. Two episodes are updated in Tencent video and Sohu Video at 20:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday.

"No heart Master 2" is adapted from Nilo's series of novels of the same name. It tells the indissoluble bond between Shanghai and Xiaoding cat, Su Tao, Gu Ji and Bai Li.

Basic information of "master of heart 2"

Directors: you Dazhi, Li Yichen, Li Gongle, Huang Xiaoying

Screenwriter: Xu Ziyuan

Starring: Han Dongjun, Chen Yao, Li Randi, Wang Yanlin, PELA & middot; nidi, peishanguan, Wang Yinuo, Gao Taiyu 20 episodes each length: 45 minutes type: Republic of China, love, fantasy

Online playing platform: Sohu Video, Tencent video

Update time: 2, Monday, Tuesday, 20, Tencent and Sohu update two episodes.

Han Dongjun, Chen Yao and his friends meet again

Last year, "careless master" was born into the world. Not only did he gain a good reputation, but he also used the super high quality to define the domestic network drama, which was called the milestone of the network drama development.

This year, "no heart Master 2" returned, and Han Dongjun, Chen Yao, Wang Yanlin, Mike and so on were gathered again. In the first season, the main line of fighting wisdom and bravery between Wu Xin and Yue qiluo runs through, and the story ends with Yue qiluo being swallowed up.

In the new season, Han Dongjun and Chen Yao meet again because of their fate. How the two will continue to fight this time has also become one of the focuses of everyone's attention, and Chen Yao's anti starring xiaodingmao, handsome strong attack temperament, attracted numerous fans' attention.

What is the origin of xiaodingmao and yueqiluo? Will yueqiluo reappear? It has also aroused hot discussion among numerous fans. In the first season, the friendship between unintentional and good friend 'Gu Mengmeng' also moved many audiences. In the new season, unintentional will start a relationship with Gu Ji, the son of 'Gu Mengmeng'.

As a close bodyguard, Ao Jiao wizard Bai Liuli will continue to show his skill in catching demons with Wu Xin. At the same time, he keeps the secret that he most wants to know.

The sweetness and sadness of "the toothless couple" in the first season of "heart less master" is still fresh in our minds. But in the new season, whether we can remember the love between crescent moon and the crescent moon, how will the unintentional emotional line develop? Let's wait and see.