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How to use koehl Gel Cleanser

koehl cleansing ball is a very high-end new type of face washing product. Its facial washing effect and skin care ability are both excellent. What about the product with the coexistence of beauty and function? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

How to use koehl Cleanser

This cleaning ball needs to be used with foaming net! When you use it, you only need to put the jelly ball into your own bubble network, then start kneading, and soon there will be a dense foam. Just wash the face with foam. The official suggestion is to apply this bubble to your face, and then massage and absorb it with a small ball. The effect will be better!

How much is koehl jelly cleansing ball

Brand: koehl

Product Name: crystal color radiant cleansing ball caviar lemon

Origin: Australia

Specification type: normal specification

Net content of cosmetics: 115g / ml

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Foaming degree: Foam

Cleanser classification: cleanser / Cream

Cosmetics for special use or not: no

Efficacy: moisturizing, oil controlling, deep cleaning and pore cleaning

Price: ¥ 135.00

The efficacy of koehl jelly Cleanser

There are four colors of Australian dragon ball to meet your needs. Different colors are suitable for different skin types. They even have a black ball containing deep-sea mud elements, which can hold even if you are in Daqing Oilfield. Its innovative TRPV3 technology provides continuous energy for your skin.

White: goat's milk contains EGF growth factor, replenishing nourishing elements for skin: minerals, vitamin E, fatty acids, etc., effectively repairing skin, generating immunity, delaying skin aging. KOEHL goats' milk essence crystal interface ball, using 8 times goats' milk essence, and your baby muscle!

Purple: Jacaranda is so refreshing! KOEHL almanac essence magic crystal ball extract Jacaranda antioxidant essence, with Australian tea tree essential oil, against acne muscles, big oil skin! Good news for pox friends!

Black: want to experience the treatment of Cleopatra? Then use KOEHL Dead Sea mud magic crystal ball. Cleopatra even ordered to extract the cosmetics ingredients of dead sea mud and mineral salt from the dead sea. At the age of 38, Cleopatra had the skin of a 16-year-old girl, which fascinated the two rulers of the Roman Empire with her smooth skin.

Pink: Lime caviar, caviar lemon, fighter in lemon, rich in fruit acid whitening factor and skin rejuvenation ingredients, innovative TRPV3 skin rejuvenation technology, natural skin whitening agent, mild metabolism, smooth, shining and even skin color.