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How to use spring rain mask?

Spring rain mask is a very good face mask. Many fairies want to start. So how to apply the mask of spring rain is the correct way to use it? Is the spring rain mask finished and washed? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

Proper use of spring rain mask

1, first of all, we should make good preparations for skin preparation in front of the skin. We should thoroughly clean the skin or apply the hot towel to the surface for three minutes after the massage, so that the pores will expand and then use the mask. When using it, towel will be used to wrap the hair and expose the face. Eyebrows, eyelashes and other places should first apply cream or olive oil, because these places can not be applied to mask.

2, apply the mask products to fingers or soft brush, evenly press the neck, forehead, one or two, one nose, one lip, Monday and so on. The distance from the eyes, lips, eyebrows and other places should be about 0.5cm, so as not to stimulate the mucous membrane and cause adverse reactions. Place eye pad protection if necessary. If you are oily skin, apply the mask to the T area where the oil is more. Never mind the dosage. Then apply the same parts to the skin.

3. After applying the face, you should avoid the pulling of expression muscles, and you'd better take a lying position. The natural face coating agent is usually kept for 10~30 minutes. After stripping the mask for 10~20 minutes, it will be stripped from top to bottom and then washed with water. The number of times to mask should be properly controlled, and the excessive application will accelerate skin relaxation and aging. Generally, once a week. For oily skin, acne skin or pigmentation, 2-3 times a week can be used.

How long does the spring rain mask last?

Do not wash your face immediately after finishing the mask. Massage and massage the face skin first, promote the absorption of effective ingredients, then clean the skin, and must be clean. Otherwise, the wet skin of the face will cause eczema.

General mask is to be applied for 15-30 minutes after rinsing with water, in the use of moisturizing cream night cream, some special sleep mask can not be cleaned, with a mask to sleep, second days in the morning, wash with water.

Under normal circumstances, a piece of mask is to be washed. The essence of the mask is thicker. It will clog the pores for a long time on the face. If it is not cleaned, it will not achieve the effect of absorption. Cleansing mask is usually cleaned. Maintenance mask can not be cleaned. If there are annotations to be cleaned in the instructions, it is necessary to clean the general moisturizing mask or replenishment mask (paper film class). After removing the paper membrane, it is recommended to massage with hand for 2 to 3 minutes, so that the nutrition gained just from the mask can be fully absorbed. No matter what brand of mask is cleaned, it is best because the essence of the mask is thicker than the essence of the mask. If it is not washed away, it will leave the excess essence that can not absorb in the pores, causing the pores to become bigger.

How often do you use the mask?

Two or three times a week, apply a mask, also can not be used every day, oh, too much nutrition can not bear the skin. The mask is much better. This brand is originally designed for children, so it is very natural, even if the skin is sensitive. Mask paper ultra-thin, is the kind of silk texture, paste on the face for twenty minutes, do not dry, before applying other mask after twenty minutes more or less will be a bit dry, especially the kind of paper is thicker, and after the time has been put on the neck for a while. That essence still looks at the mirror in the face but does not feel the skin is very good, but after washing, it is amazing, the pores are gone, the skin is also white a color number, super super tender! After using it personally, I would like to say that this is the best mask I used to absorb. After being used, it is not sticky. It is absorbed by the skin and does not stick to hands. Because it is honey, it is very nourishing. After using the skin, the fine lines become lighter. The mask can be pasted on the neck, and the neck lines will look older.