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How to live and struggle hard at the age of 30? How do you do it?

when everyone enters the age of 30, he or she will reach the age of his or her standing up. At this age, he or she should not only learn to bear his or her own responsibilities and obligations, but also make his or her life more bright, so as to nurture the next generation better, so that life can continue, and at the same time, cultivate talents for the country. So, after all, how should 30-year-old people live and struggle? Let's discuss it together.

Keep adding value to yourself. Only when a person keeps going forward, keeps studying, accumulates contacts, wealth, knowledge and energy for himself, can he continuously add value for himself and become an irreplaceable position. To be irreplaceable, people can stand up in the current of this era, become the dependence of parents, wives and children, and give them a sense of security.

Accumulate wealth and be good at managing money. It's a good thing for a person to strive hard, but he or she should also learn to put the remuneration he or she has received into proper use. For example, apart from that part to live and honor his or her parents, he or she can also keep some to buy insurance and take some to manage money. Only by constantly accumulating wealth, making reasonable investment and being good at financing can our life be better.

Educate your own children. If you already have children, don't use too busy work as an excuse at this time, but don't spend time with your children. In fact, no matter whether a child is big or small, he should be accompanied by his parents. Only company can fill the inner needs of children's growth, get along with children better, get close to and communicate with them, let children understand the truth of life, and enjoy all kinds of care given by warm family.

Take care of your wife. If we have been married, we must learn to love each other with our wife. A happy family is the driving force and source of our career progress, and also the strong backing of our struggle in front. So we need to know how to care for and love our wife. Only when she is happy, can the family become warmer and more comfortable, and make people feel a little drunk. To love your wife is to love yourself. To love your family is to make your marriage life happy.

Be filial to your parents. Don't try to keep your children away from your parents. When your parents are still alive, you should spend more time with your parents and care about their health and psychological problems. Especially at this time, your parents are likely to have entered menopause. At this time, their temperament, psychology, health and other aspects will start to change and go to the bad side. Therefore, as children We should pay more attention to our parents and respect them well.

Read or study more. Even though I am 30 years old, I still can't stop going forward. It's so-called endless learning. At the age of 30, 40 and 50 & hellip; & hellip; will continue to read. Leave some time for books every day to improve in reading. Or enroll in the interest class, training class or even go to study for postgraduate, Bo & hellip; hellip; and so on. The more we renew our knowledge, the more we discover our ignorance, and the more we strive.