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Four benefits of Moxibustion in dog days

Moxibustion is a great way to keep healthy in the dog days. Moxibustion can play the role of treating winter diseases in summer. Moxibustion health preservation in dog days is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Its effect is very significant. It is mainly used for internal adjustment and treatment of diseases. It has the functions of warming meridians and unblocking collaterals, promoting qi and blood circulation, removing dampness and dispersing cold. So, do you know the four benefits of Moxibustion in three dog days? What should moxibustion pay attention to in three dog days? Let's get to know.

Three dog days moxibustion regimen four benefits of three dog days moxibustion do you know

1. The regulation of meridians and the stimulation of drugs with warm and hot properties to local areas have the effect similar to moxibustion, with the effect of warming meridians and unblocking collaterals, promoting qi and blood circulation, removing dampness and dispersing cold. Moreover, through the adjustment of meridians, we can achieve the functions of tonifying deficiency and reducing excess, promoting the balance of yin and Yang, preventing diseases and protecting health.

2. Local stimulation and local drug stimulation stimulate the regulation of the body through nerve reflex, so as to form some antibodies of the body, thus improving the immune function of the body and preventing and treating some allergic diseases.

3. The function of the drug itself, the drug penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue through the skin, produces the relative advantage of the drug concentration in the local area, and plays a strong pharmacological role. At the same time, through the stimulation of the drug to the local acupoints, it stimulates the whole body's meridians, and plays the largest pharmacological effect through the absorption and transportation of small blood vessels.

4. During the hottest period of the year, when the body's Yang is at its peak, it can stimulate the acupoints of the body, and play a benign role through the action of drugs, which is conducive to strengthening the resistance of the body and strengthening the functions of strengthening the body and removing pathogenic factors. (in addition, there are three or nine moxibustion in winter, which also uses the coldest time of the year to treat diseases)

Notes on moxibustion in dog days

1. After treatment, the skin has heat sensation. Due to the different skin tolerance of individuals, it is suitable for adults to stick medicine for 2 hours, and for children for 1 hour. It is suitable for patients to stick medicine to produce hot sensation, but it can be tolerated. It is not suitable for too long to avoid burning the skin.

2. It is normal for the skin to have a flush after application. Skin ointment can be applied externally to slow down the irritation. If the application time is too long and causes blisters, the wound surface should be protected to avoid scratching and infection. If necessary, come to the hospital for treatment or application of scald ointment, and abstain from foods that are easy to fester, such as beef, roast goose, duck, peanut, taro, etc.

3. It's better not to bathe in cold water on the day of application, so as not to drive away Yang Qi. Individual citizens with skin allergy may apply anti allergy ointment or come to the hospital for treatment. On that day, they are forbidden to eat raw and cold stimulating food, greasy and greasy food with phlegm and dampness. They are forbidden to eat seafood such as chicken, duck, goose, beef, mutton, shrimp and crab, so as not to affect the therapeutic effect.

4. After the treatment of moxibustion, the skin may be pigmented temporarily, but it will subside without leaving scars, so there is no need to worry.

5. After application, the more sensitive person will appear blistering phenomenon, with better blistering effect. If the blister is small, it can be absorbed by itself, but avoid scratching; if the blister is large, it needs to be treated in the hospital, draw out the water, and use anti-inflammatory drugs for external use, sterilized gauze to protect the wound surface, so as not to cause skin pyogenic infection.

6. The following cases are not suitable for the treatment of "three applications". Asthma and other respiratory diseases are in attack stage; pneumonia and acute fever stage of various infectious diseases; patients with skin diseases such as hypersensitive to sticking drugs, special constitution and contact dermatitis; patients with local skin ulceration on sticking acupoints; pregnant women; patients with serious cardiopulmonary function diseases; A lot of traditional Chinese medicine in the paste of winter disease and summer treatment is hot, so it is not suitable for people with Yin deficiency and fire flourishing; people with cough and diarrhea should not rush to do the paste treatment.

The principle of three Fu moxibustion

Using "three Fu" hot climate, applying Xinwen, Zhutan, channeling and Tongjing antiasthmatic drugs can improve the drug efficacy, achieve warming yang and benefiting qi, dispel the internal Fu cold pathogen, make the lungs rise and fall normally, warm the spleen and kidney, enhance the body's resistance to disease, and prevent the occurrence of these diseases. Asthma and allergic rhinitis are difficult to treat at present. The course of disease is short for several years, long for several decades, and it is easy to attack repeatedly, and it is easy to induce when Qi deficiency occurs. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that 'where evil is gathered, Qi will be deficiency'. Therefore, patients should be patient and insist on treatment. According to the experience of Moxibustion in different places, if the sticking time is long and the times are many, the curative effect will be high and the effect will be good. Therefore, we should stick to sticking medicine for many years.

Western medicine research found that after moxibustion, it can improve the phagocytic ability of macrophages, increase the formation rate of E-rosette, lymphocyte transformation rate and other cellular immune functions of the body, at the same time, phagocytic acid cells in the blood significantly reduce the content of immunoglobulin and complement C3, significantly inhibit the allergic state of the body, and promote the activation of adenylate cyclase on the membrane of airway smooth muscle cells, To make adenylate cyclase catalyze the synthesis of camp (plasma cyclic adenosine monophosphate) in cells, to improve the level of camp, it can coordinate the function of airway smooth muscle, resist the invasion of wind evil and play a preventive role.