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How to control consumption in life?

consumption is a regular behavior in our life. Consumption is high or low, which depends on each person's own situation. However, we generally hope that our consumption should be moderate, not free consumption (that is, not free to spend more). So how to control consumption in life?

Don't be greedy for inferior quality products.

Most people like to be cheap. When they see two or more of the same products, they are willing to buy them at a low price, but the products at a low price may be significantly lower in quality than those at a high price. Cheap products may be used for a short time, so in contrast, it's better to buy products of good quality.

You can buy more when you catch up with the promotion.

Now many outlets or shopping malls may have promotional activities. We need to identify their promotional efforts, select those with strong promotional efforts, and select those products that are often used in life and do not involve expired products. We can buy more for later use.

Limit your spending.

You can arrange some consumption amount for yourself every month, withdraw it from your income, and prevent your uncontrolled consumption. The excess part can be withdrawn if it is not urgent.

Eat less outside.

Eating and drinking outside is obviously higher than the cost of eating and drinking at home, and sometimes it is not generally high. In the long run, this kind of cost is also very high, so I often cook and brew tea by myself, so as to avoid unnecessary eating and drinking outside.

Don't go out with too much cash.

People always face different situations and have different reactions. If you bring a lot of cash when you go out, you may not control your consumption desire because of the money.

Reduce group buying and not buying unnecessary items.

Some people may like group buying, shopping or online shopping. When they see some small things that are very cheap, they want to buy them. After a long time, they find that they have bought a lot of things and spent a lot of money. They are surprised, so they usually need to buy what they need.