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The first broadcast of "the city of magic music": who is the real first black horse the first domestic music creation show "the city of Fantasy Music" was launched by Hunan Satellite TV. The invitation of Wang Fei as the chief music officer also surprised many audiences. The joining of Wang Fei on the spot is definitely a small climax of the whole program.

As a high-profile music variety show, the joining of Huang Xiaoming, Ren Suxi, yishuqianxi and Lei Jia makes the first program more colorful, and the music form of song, performance and singing makes the whole program more exciting.

In the performing arts, the youngest yishuqian Xi brought the work "I'm sorry". In the work, the tension full performance of yishuqian Xi and the perfect sound line match make the whole work very wonderful. After the performance, Wang Fei also praised yishuqian Xi.

After just finished the college entrance examination, yishuqianxi once again made great efforts to let the audience see a new star with positive sunshine and great efforts, and netizens also gave praise to yishuqianxi's performance after seeing the program.

As the biggest black horse in the whole show, Ren Suxi '.

Under the stage, Wang Fei, as an experience officer, also quietly wiped a tear, which was enough to see how touching Ren Suxi's performance was. As one of the most popular works in the audience, Ren Suxi was definitely one of the biggest black horses of the night.

I don't know what do you think of the premiere of the city of fantasy?