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Nurses do the personal flow for their friends

It's easy to get pregnant if you don't take measures in love. If you don't want to have children after pregnancy, many women will solve it through abortion. Because abortion has certain damage to the body and loss of a certain amount of blood, you need to pay more attention to some problems before abortion, so as to minimize the pain! And you must choose a regular one when people are flowing Hospital operation!

on July 29, a 30-year-old woman in Wuqi County, Yan'an, died during an abortion operation in Huaren clinic. It is reported that the deceased and nurse Li are good friends. Li came to Huaren clinic from other places in May, but did not go to the local health bureau to go through the formalities of changing the record. The technical title on his qualification certificate is nurse, which is illegal practice of medicine.

Precautions before painless abortion: 1. Sexual life should be avoided 1 week before abortion.

2. Take a bath and change clothes one day before operation, but avoid catching cold.

3. Painless abortion requires fasting and water prohibition for 6 hours in the morning.

4. Use cervical softening drugs before operation.

5. In case of the following situations, painless abortion operation is not suitable for the time being A. patients with inflammation of sexual and reproductive organs (such as vaginitis, urethritis, severe cervical erosion, pelvic inflammation, etc.); B. Patients with two times of body temperature above 37.5 ℃ within 4 hours before operation; C. patients with acidosis caused by severe vomiting of pregnancy that has not been corrected.

Postoperative diet and physical and mental cultivation:

1. After the painless abortion, you need to rest for 2 weeks and watch less newspapers and TV.

2. Within 2 weeks after the operation, the patient should be properly rested in bed without heavy physical labor.

3. Eat more nutritious food to make your body return to normal as soon as possible.

4. Keep the vulva clean and clean, wash it with warm boiled water 1-2 times a day, and change the sanitary napkin frequently 5. Do not take a bath within 2 weeks or before the vaginal bleeding is clean.

6. Prohibit sexual life within one month to prevent infection of reproductive organs. If you have fever, abdominal pain or abnormal smell of vaginal secretions, you should see a doctor in time.

7. Generally, the vaginal bleeding stops gradually in 3-5 days, no more than 10-15 days at most. If the amount of vaginal bleeding exceeds the amount of menstrual blood, and the duration is too long, then timely treatment is needed.

8. As long as sexual life is restored after painless induced abortion, contraceptive measures shall be taken to avoid pregnancy again