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How to clean car air conditioner how to maintain car air conditioner

Summer is the most frequently used time of automobile air conditioner. There is a long time interval after using in winter. It must be cleaned and nursed in summer. How to clean and maintain the air conditioner? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

How to maintain automobile air conditioner

Generally, the air conditioning system is equipped with circulating ventilation filter device and refrigerant receiver dryer, which must be cleaned in time and replaced regularly during maintenance.

The refrigerant leakage can be judged by observing the monitoring window.

It is not suitable to turn on the air conditioner to drive the heat immediately after getting on the train. All the doors shall be opened. After a few minutes, the engine can be closed after preheating.

Always clean the condenser professionally. If the condenser is covered with dust and sundries, the cooling efficiency will be reduced. Once the air conditioning system is restarted, the pressure of the air conditioning system will increase and overheat, which will have a subspecific effect on the compressor and related components.

Generally speaking, under the correct use and maintenance, the compressor of air conditioning system seldom breaks down, which is often caused by man-made damage. Some drivers often add fluorine in the small shops on the streets, which will bring disaster. In fact, even the maintenance of the air conditioning system must be carried out by professional technicians.

If the air conditioner is not used for a long time, the used air outlet will discharge the unpleasant odor. This is caused by mildew and bacteria inside the air conditioner. If not handled, it will affect health.

The maintenance experts of automobil suggest that the majority of car owners and friends go to the 4S store to make a set of air conditioning maintenance package to help you solve your troubles easily. Austria Fu air conditioning system sterilization and deodorant concentrated and foam type, efficient and environmentally friendly products combined with high-tech professional equipment can quickly remove the air conditioning and warm air device mold and microorganism, sterilization and deodorization, protect the health of the crew.

At the same time, aiming at the maintenance of the interior environment, the space purifier and multi-functional interior environment purifier contain high-efficiency bactericidal, deodorizing and bacteriostatic ingredients, which can kill the harmful bacteria in the interior space and accessories of the interior, and also make the air in your car fresh, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of driving!

Whether it's something at home or in the car, we should take good care of it. Especially like some large household appliances, it needs to be well maintained. Only when you maintain it well can it work for you and serve you.