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Is leg shaking disease? What's the cause of leg shaking? What's the harm of leg shaking

Is leg shaking disease? What's the cause of leg shaking? What's the harm of leg shaking in life, many people unconsciously shake their legs. Some people say that shaking their legs is a kind of relaxation for relaxation and decompression. Some people say that shaking their legs is a manifestation of anxiety. There have been different opinions about the dispute about pushing all the time. So is shaking their legs a disease? What are the hazards of shaking their legs? Let's have a look!

Shaking legs is sometimes sick, sometimes not

There is a disease called restless legs syndrome in medicine. Its main symptom is uncontrollable shaking of legs, which is similar to our daily shaking behavior. However, there are essential differences between daily leg shaking and the disease. Restless legs syndrome is a kind of neurological disease, which is mainly related to the abnormal metabolism of dopamine and iron deficiency, and has some genetic factors. Most of the leg shaking behaviors in our daily life do not belong to the category of disease, but just a kind of habitual action.

To distinguish whether leg shaking belongs to "disease" or "non disease", it is mainly to see the following points: Patients with restless leg syndrome can not control leg shaking behavior by themselves, leg shaking is accompanied by strong pain, burning and other discomfort, and leg spasm is often found, which often occurs at night. If your shaking leg is in line with the above, it's best to consult a doctor.

Is shivering healthier? Better get up and walk

There is a saying that shaking the leg can increase the venous blood return of the leg and prevent the blood plaque formed by sitting for too long, which is beneficial to health. This is also the body's stressor countermeasures against the venous reflux caused by sitting for a long time.

Sitting for a long time does lead to leg numbness. The main reason is that the lower limbs keep a posture for a long time, which is easy to affect the smooth blood circulation, and may also compress the sciatic nerve, both of which will have adverse effects on health. In this sense, shaking legs can make the muscles of lower limbs move slightly, which can avoid leg numbness to a certain extent.

However, the best way to avoid the harm of sitting for a long time is to stand up and move, which is much healthier and more effective than shaking legs.

Don't expect shaking your legs to relieve tension

When the psychology is in a state of tension and anxiety for a long time, people will feel uncomfortable when they adapt to this state, and then they will make some response and express it through body language. Shaking feet is one way. By constantly shaking your legs from left to right and shaking up and down, you can promote blood circulation on the basis of constantly changing your sitting posture and relaxing your limbs, so as to relieve the tense mood.

On this level, leg shaking is similar to some of the habits in our life, such as turning pens, ringing fingers and so on. These habits have a common feature: easy to form psychological dependence. Once these habits are formed, it is difficult to give up. It's not so much that shaking the legs can relieve anxiety, it's better to say that if you don't shake, you will be more anxious. If it becomes a bad habit that can't be stopped, it will increase the psychological burden.

Darling, try not to shake if you can

In fact, leg shaking is not a disease in most cases, and there is no particularly large adverse effect. But it will not only form psychological dependence, more importantly, in social culture, shaking legs is a very inelegant behavior, which will cause the dissatisfaction of people nearby. So, it's better to give up this little habit. If you can't shake it, you can't shake it.