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Why is the result of the review of the murder of Chinese sisters controversial China's sister murder case recently ushered in the final sentence, Chen Baolan, Chen Baozhen's murder case, Japanese man Iwasaki, was also sentenced to 23 years of prosecution had asked for the death penalty.

In July 2017, the remains of a pair of Chinese sisters were found in a Japanese mountain forest, which was then packed in a suitcase. Later, the Japanese man Iwasaki was also arrested on suspicion of killing, discarding the body and other charges. Nearly a year after the case happened, the Yokohama District Court of Japan sentenced the case Tuesday, and the defendant Iwasaki, 40, was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

According to earlier reports, at the beginning of July, the Yokohama District Court of Japan held a public trial of the case, and the defendant, Iwasaki long, denied all the contents of the prosecution, saying that he had only "done the sisters a favor", and his defense lawyer also claimed his innocence. Japanese prosecutors said Iwasaki 'committed a planned and extremely brutal act' and demanded that he be sentenced to death.

At the beginning of the public trial, the Japanese prosecution made a statement. Prosecutors said the defendant, Iwasaki, frequently went to the restaurant where the two sisters worked, and had good feelings for their sister, Chen Baolan. However, the defendant was dissatisfied with Chen Baolan's "false marriage" request and began to kill. Prosecutors believe that Yanqi not only killed Chen Baolan, but also killed his sister Chen Baozhen together, indicating that he had already made a plan and had a clear intention to kill. Prosecutors believe that from the evidence such as the fingerprints of the accused on the tape left at the scene, only Iwasaki was the murderer. In addition, the prosecution also found through the investigation that the defendant had used mobile phones to search for abandoned bodies.

The father of the victim's sister said in court that it was their pride to care for their family and had a bright future. Therefore, they will never forgive the prisoners and demand the death penalty for Iwasaki.

However, Iwasaki's defense lawyer said that the defendant was in contact with Chen Baolan at that time and had no motive to kill. The defendant also said: 'because Chen Baolan's visa to stay in Japan has expired, in order to stay in Japan, he thought of & lsquo; pretending to be missing & rsquo;, and then entered the suitcase by himself. What the defendant did was to take the case to the requested location and provide some help, which had nothing to do with the whole incident. 'the defendant Iwasaki also said' no killing '.

According to, on July 7, 2017, two Chinese sisters born in Fujian Province and living in Yokohama, Japan, were found 'missing'. The management company of their apartment reported to the police. According to the surveillance probe and the direction of the suspect's vehicle, the police found the abandoned suitcase and two bodies in Shanlin on July 13.

Japanese media pointed out that the suspect Iwasaki lived in Yokohama City and met her at the bar where Chen Baolan, the sister of the murdered Chinese, worked. The two had emotional and money disputes. After the disappearance of Chen Baolan and Chen Baozhen, police found that Iwasaki opened the door with a key in the early morning of July 6 and entered the sister's room according to the surveillance video of the apartment building. After my sister went home, she went in and out of these rooms several times and moved several boxes from the room. Police investigated the man's driving record and found that he had entered the mountain forest of the temple mountain in Qinye City, Kanagawa County, so they organized a large number of police to focus on the mountain forest and found the remains of the two sisters late on the 13th night.

Earlier in August, Japanese police arrested the suspect, ryunoya Iwasaki, on suspicion of illegal detention, body abandonment and homicide. On the afternoon of August 8, the funeral of the two sisters was held in Yokohama, Japan. Their father, relatives and friends also attended the final farewell. In an interview, the father of the dead sisters painfully said: 'they came to Japan from China with full energy, but now they want to go home in this way, I feel very reluctant. I'm not willing to have two daughters killed so easily. '