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Is it better to buy the car in installments or in full payment when it comes to buying a car, it's definitely a big deal. After all, hundreds of thousands of cars are not a small number for ordinary families. Although the car price is dropping year by year, some people still choose to buy cars by installment. So, is it better to buy cars in full or in installment? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the whole payment and installment with the small edition~

1、 Benefits of buying a car in full

It's very understandable to buy a car in full, that is, pay cash to buy a car. The first advantage of buying a full-length car is that you can buy the right car according to your savings, and you can't buy a car beyond your consumption capacity. For example, if you have only 200000 cash on hand, you may only buy more than 100000 cars and save some savings for other uses. The installment payment may increase your desire for consumption. It was planned to buy more than 100000 cars, but later it may become 300000 cars, because the down payment may only be tens of thousands. This installment is actually the same as the psychology of credit card consumption, which is unconsciously consumed.

There is also an advantage of buying a car in full without paying all kinds of handling fees. Although the installment is called zero interest, there are actually handling fees, or you will be required to buy insurance in the 4S shop, or even install the original car navigation and other parts. This cost is actually extra production, and buying a car in full is equivalent to saving these costs.

2、 Benefits of instalments

I mentioned the advantages of buying a car in full, so is it useless to buy a car in installments? The answer is No. Nowadays, many young people buy mobile phones, laptops and TVs by installment, which is reasonable, so it's no mistake to buy cars by installment. The advantages of installment payment are as follows: first, it can be enjoyed in advance. Take the 200000 car as an example. If I have 100000 yuan on hand, but it's obviously not enough to buy the whole car, but pay by installments, there is no pressure at all. In this way, you can enjoy the car at least one year in advance. As long as there is enough repayment ability, why not pay by installments? Second, you can buy a better car. If you have 100000 cars on hand, you can only buy domestic cars or compact cars with joint ventures. However, for various reasons, you need to buy more high-end cars. In this case, it's a good choice to buy cars by installment, which is much easier than borrowing money from your family and friends. Further consideration: if you buy a car with low configuration, you will want to change the car in two years, and the cost may be more. Third, you can spend the rest of your money on other investments.

3、 What is the handling charge for installment payment

In the end, the disadvantage of buying a car by installment is that the first thing is to pay interest handling fees, etc., and the second thing is that it may consume ahead of time and fail to pay the loan. In fact, as long as rational analysis, according to their own income and repayment ability to decide what car to buy, the loan is not a problem. So, the question is, how much is the handling charge for the car by installment, and what other costs might be incurred?

Nowadays, there are fewer car buyers with loans. They usually buy cars by installment payment with credit card, which is relatively cost-effective. There is no loan interest, but there will be installment service charges, except for a few models designated as free of service charges. As a whole, different banks have different installment charges. There are two ways to pay the installment charges: one-time payment and installment payment. Generally, the total cost of 12 periods is more than 10%. In other words, your 200000 installment will generate more than 20000 installment charges.

Select the first installment of one-time payment, the installment service fee will be deducted in one time on the first billing day, and enter into the account's revolving credit limit; select the installment of payment according to the number of installments, the installment service fee will be calculated according to the current installment principal deduction amount and the set service rate, and the service fee will be recorded in each installment.

In addition, the 4S shop will put forward corresponding additional conditions for the general installment payment. For example, the vehicle insurance must be bought in the 4S shop for three years. As you know, the insurance company designated by the 4S shop usually costs more than the outside ones. It's normal to charge 1000-2000 yuan more for automobile insurance in one year, so the cost of 3000-6000 will be increased in three years. Some 4S stores will also require the installation of the original car navigation, but now many people do not use the navigation. After all, the navigation on the mobile phone is updated quickly in the daytime, who would like to use the car navigation.

Generally speaking, there are advantages and disadvantages in buying a car in full payment and in installments. If the car price is not too high, it is recommended to pay in full. If the money in hand has other uses, you only need to allocate your own assets reasonably, and in installments, you can buy a car!