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Compulsory knowledge for postgraduate entrance examination in 2019: the difference between applying now more and more on-the-job personnel apply for postgraduate examination, and use their spare time to improve their education and work ability. As the most popular way of on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination, what are the differences between applying for a master's degree and applying for a master's degree?

1. Different ways of enrollment

Candidates only need to have a junior college degree to apply for the same academic capacity to apply for a master's degree. Candidates who meet the enrollment conditions of the university can enter for postgraduate courses as long as they submit relevant materials and pass the examination.

The master of professional degree adopts the entrance examination system. Students need to take the national joint examination in January first, and then pass the retest. They can only take part in the study after being admitted by colleges and universities.

2. Different learning directions

The degree obtained by applying for master's degree with the same academic strength and the degree obtained by the master's degree of national unified recruitment are both academic masters, such as engineering, science, management, economics, finance, etc. It pays more attention to academic research and scientific theoretical knowledge, mainly for the training of researchers in scientific research institutions.

Professional master degree is an applied degree, focusing on professional practice, focusing on practical application, training applied high-level professionals with solid theoretical basis and meeting the needs of specific industries or professional practical work.

3. Different test time

The application time of the same academic qualification is in March of each year, and the examination time is in May of the same year. Generally, the examination results are valid within 4 years, and some schools have longer time.

The registration time of the master's degree examination is in October every year, and the candidates should confirm on site in November. The official examination time is at the end of December or the beginning of January next year. After passing the examination, candidates need to consult the teachers of the college to confirm the interview time.

4. Different certificates

Students who apply for the same level of academic qualifications for master's degree can obtain on-the-job master's degree certificate after graduation.

After graduation, the students who apply for master's degree of major can obtain double certificates of In-Service Master's degree and degree. Moreover, the certificate obtained has a high gold content and is recognized by the state and all sectors of society.