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What's going on when you suddenly shake your body when you sleep? What is myotonia I don't know if you've ever had the experience of going to sleep, suddenly shaking your body like an electric shock, or kicking your feet involuntarily and suddenly waking up! What the hell is this? There are many answers on the Internet. Some say it's calcium deficiency, some say it's still growing, others say it's the nervous system that sends you a message. Some of the answers are even more frightening. They say that the nervous system finds that you have been sleeping for a long time without activity, so it moves you to try whether you are dead or not.

To put it bluntly, the expert's explanation for the phenomenon that the body shakes involuntarily when sleeping is myometria. This kind of unconscious muscle twitch is the sudden shaking of the body at the beginning of sleep, which is usually accompanied by a feeling of falling or stepping into the air. Some data show that about 70% of people shake in their sleep.

What is myotonia

Muscle pumping is a rapid phenomenon of involuntary muscle pumping. Because of its fast speed, it often presents the same action as electric shock. The parts it occurs vary according to different diseases, which can be the whole body twitching phenomenon or the part of the body.

This is a normal physiological performance, such as burping, muscle pumping during sleep, or muscle pumping when tension and fatigue occur.

It's also normal to have a sudden twitch while sleeping. Everyone may appear.

Why muscle pumping occurs


Working pressure, working overtime for a long time, poor sleep quality and other reasons are bound to cause mental tension, sleep quality decline, muscle pumping phenomenon will appear when sleeping, drink a cup of lizixuan lily lotus seed mung bean powder before sleeping, clear fire and calm nerves, improve insomnia and dreaminess.

Calcium deficiency

Blood calcium is low, cause muscle, nerve excitability hyperactivity, cause convulsion convulsion thereby.

Deficiency of liver and kidney

If the phenomenon of muscle pumping is not very severe, but the frequency is more, it may be caused by the deficiency of liver and kidney, and the deficiency of Qi and blood. Chestnut Zixuan black sesame walnut powder is conducive to strengthening the essence and kidney, nourishing blood and calming nerves, and drinking one cup sooner or later has obvious effect.

It should be noted that:

If muscle pumping is accompanied by headache, dizziness and other conditions, brain CT or MRI is needed to determine whether the muscle pumping is a symptom due to brain lesions.

The causes include metabolic or storage diseases of brain cells, degenerative diseases of brain, sequelae of brain hypoxia, sequelae of brain trauma, lesions of brain basal nucleus, encephalitis, etc.

That is to say, when you go to sleep, your body suddenly shakes. Maybe your brain is sending you a signal for help, telling you that your health has started to turn on the red light. It's time to see a doctor.