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How to manage money in life? Shopping knowledge?

as the saying goes, saving is making money, and a dollar in life is also money. It's shameful to waste. Don't feel embarrassed because of 1 yuan, or despise the saving of 1 yuan. The wealth lies in little accumulation. If you save 100 times, 1 yuan is 100 yuan. No one can get rich overnight. Every little bit of saving in our life does not mean an Iron Rooster. We cannot be misers, but we should not waste our money and make ourselves slaves to money. Today, I'd like to share some tips on how to save money in life.

Physical store shopping. With the progress of the times, more and more people like to wear brand clothes, shoes, etc. There is nothing wrong with eating and wearing well. It's just that the same brands sometimes cost different money. Because sometimes the price of brand clothes or shoes is not the same as usual due to the situation of discount, festival activities, code break, etc. at this time, you can go to the physical store for shopping and buy good things with small money.

Online shopping. The same is true for online shopping. People who know a little bit will know how to compare goods with three companies, look at baby's evaluation, or wait for baby's products to be discounted. In particular, the double 11 is the best time for online shopping every year. If you choose to shop at this time, you can also save a sum of money. Saving money is the last word.

pay the phone bill. In the past, only the business hall can be used to recharge the phone charge, and in some places, a tip of 1-2 yuan has to be added, which is especially tricky and uneconomical. So more and more people choose the online business hall to recharge the phone charges, which not only saves time, but also offers a little discount in terms of price.

Learn to use Alipay wallet. Alipay has many advantages, such as water and electricity charges, telephone bills and so on. There are also wealth management tools such as yu'ebao and zhaocaibao, in which you can enjoy several times higher interest than the bank. So learning to use Alipay wallet is nothing but harm.

Stock market funds. People who are a little bit bullish will play stocks. Some people have made a fortune because of stocks, and some people have failed because of stocks. So that's a good saying. The stock market is risky. You need to be cautious when entering the market. There is still a lot of people who make a little money by using the stock market fund. If you are interested, you can understand it.

Baidu fortune. Baidu is a big company. The financial management platform in Baidu is relatively reliable. If you have some spare money, you can make a small investment in the financial management platform of Baidu wealth and wait for the income. Of course, safety is the most important thing. So when you are ready to invest in a project, please determine its risk index.