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How to choose the right way to choose eggs

we often eat eggs in our life. We are not unfamiliar with eggs, so how to choose eggs? Is the egg better with rough surface or smooth surface? Xiaobian will show you

tips for choosing eggs

When choosing bulk eggs, you should pick the ones with rough surface. This kind of egg shell is bright in color, with obvious pores and a layer of natural antibacterial substances on its surface, which is relatively fresh. If the surface of the untreated egg is smooth, it means that it has been placed for a period of time and the freshness has been reduced. However, the boxed eggs have been treated and the surface is smooth, which does not mean that the eggs are not fresh. When you buy boxed eggs, you should choose the ones with a relatively close production date.

In addition, fresh eggs of the same size tend to be heavier, and the ones with longer storage time will be lighter, because the shell of the eggs will carry out breathing activities, and the fresh eggs will have smaller air chamber. With the extension of the egg storage time, the air chamber will enter more and more air, the air chamber will become larger, the weight of the eggs will become lighter, and the freshness will decrease.