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What's the end of spring wind? What's the end of spring wind Recently, the online drama "ten li in spring is not as good as you" is on the air. Many netizens are curious about who Qiushui finally chose to be with. From the current drama collection, Qiushui is in a dilemma. They don't know who they like. Zhao Yingnan takes Qiushui first. However, the plot won't be so smooth. So who did Qiushui choose to be with in the end Let's have a look!

In the latest plot, Xiaohong and the monitor have both asked Qiushui to watch a movie, but Xiaohong's movie ticket Qiushui hasn't been seen, so a funny scene appears. The three people meet each other awkwardly in the cinema, while Zhao Yingnan claims that he has been in love with Qiushui in the girls' dormitory. Xiaohong, however, wants to find a teacher's theory. It seems that the next episode is very exciting!

It's not a day or two since the evil Sabre is so poisonous. In order to study hard, it has been hanging Xinyi. However, in the 16 episode, it seems that they are together again. Later, the evil Sabre gives Zhao Yingnan a plan to rob Qiushui with Xiao Hong. At last, the evil sabre goes abroad and breaks up with Xinyi. Zhao Yingnan and Qiushui are really just at the beginning of the drama. In fact, they are also weird Autumn water, he is always creaky, both want, finally with Zhao Yingnan, because Zhao Yingnan does not like him to be a writer, so he chose to destroy, finally with Xiao Hong.

But it's a little revenge when it comes to the devil Dao. It's not like other girls should eat, drink, train and read books in the process of training. What's the reason? It's said that the ending of the play is that the devil Dao left and Xinyi went abroad. If it's really sad, it's really sad. But Yang Yue, the actor of the devil Dao, revealed that they were in the TV play It should be together.

However, many audiences said that the autumn water in the play was a little bit dreary. Both women liked it and wanted it, so they were together with Zhao Yingnan and hurt Xiaohong for seven years. Then they found that they liked Xiaohong and broke up with Xiaohong again, hurting Zhao Yingnan, that is, Zhang Yishan played the play, or they would really be scolded to death.