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"704 school flower" part-time scam what routine? What is the truth

I believe you are not unfamiliar with the term "campus loan". In recent years, many illegal companies make money in the name of students. Campus loan appears in the campus. So, what is the truth of the "704 campus flower" part-time scam? What set? Let's take a look

now many illegal companies enter the University under the banner of campus loans to promote these products for college students. Only those college students who have no social experience and don't know anything about things outside the campus can be fooled. Campus loan has always been a matter of national attack and publicity, but it is still because of the lack of popularity, which leads to the weak awareness of law in many universities, so it is particularly easy to be cheated. And these companies are to seize this point, into the campus to promote everyone. Recently, there is not a thing about campus loan that has attracted everyone's attention on the Internet, and I know that it has not been solved yet. It's a campus loan platform called "704 campus flowers" that brings more than 400 students to court. Most of the defendants were college students from Jiangxi, Guizhou and Guangxi. They were sued to the court for their outstanding loans after shopping through the plaintiff's' 704 campus flower 'business loan. No one answered the lawsuit at the court session. At present, only three students have returned the principal. The loan amount of each case is about 7000 yuan, mostly used to buy high-end mobile phones and computers. Today's college students, too, are good at face-to-face, and they love to compare. If they can't afford to buy high-end mobile phones, they have to buy them. If they borrow money, they don't find regular channels to borrow it. That's why these things happen today. College students do not pay back, the company also has no way to recover the loan before, so I think of another way, indirectly let college students pay back. '704 campus flower' is a 'Part-time exchange purchase' product launched by Guangxi 704 Financial Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as' 704 company '), which provides loans and goods installment exchange purchase for college students, and college students repay loans by part-time or cash repayment.

It's really tempting for students. They think that they don't need to spend their own money to buy things. They just need to work part-time at ordinary times. Anyway, they have a lot of free time besides class, so many college students are trapped by 704 company. Obviously, 704 company set up a bureau for them, but college students didn't know it at all.

but many of the students involved said that there was a lot of greasiness behind the "part-time shopping". They said that 704 company has few part-time jobs, so it is very difficult to get opportunities, and once it fails to complete the required hours, it needs to remit cash as the payables according to the standard. In addition, part-time jobs are calculated by working hours, but the salary of part-time workers is always deducted maliciously when calculating.

'the company didn't remind students when they were overdue, and the overdue fee was calculated based on the principal of all loans, which made it hard for everyone to bear. 'after that, 704 company launched an app that requires repayment through the app, but there are many technical problems with the app, such as overdue repayment, unable to recharge repayment, etc. Many students think that their overdue payment is not intentional non repayment, but related to the improper management of 704 company. The platform staff only informed the students after a long period of overdue payment. At this time, the overdue fee has reached thousands of yuan, and they have been 'arbitraged' alive. The students said that the overdue fee of '704 campus flower' is unreasonable and the principal should be returned, but they are unwilling to bear such a high overdue fee.

At present,, the website of '704 school flower', has been banned, its' 704 school flower 'products have been stopped, and the company is in the stage of debt collection. Through this series of problems, we can see that the contemporary college students do not know enough about the legal consciousness, and hope that we do not believe this kind of private lending company at will. I will learn more about the law and protect my own interests.