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How to use Moby bike? How to charge for Moby bike in 2017

How to use 2017 Moby bike how to charge for 2017 Moby bike at present, sharing bicycles are on the road, and they can be seen in many corners of the city. Their fashionable and fast way of travel has been sought after by many young people. Mobai bicycles are one of the mainstream sharing bicycles. Many new users are not familiar with how to use cars, how to lock cars and how to charge. Let's take a look!

How to lock Moby bike on the road

As can be seen from the above figure: no mobile phone operation is needed to close the lock, just press the lock down and close the lock ring manually, then the car can be returned and the billing is finished.

How to unlock Moby bike: Moby bike unlocking principle

First, the mobile phone scans the bicycle to obtain the unique ID mark of the bicycle, and then the mobile phone submits a request like the server (the submission information includes: user information, request action, vehicle ID);

2. When the server receives the unlocking request from the user, it will send the unlocking command to the bicycle with the specified ID according to the request information;

3. When the bicycle receives the request from the server, it will perform the corresponding unlocking action.

Here is a small illustration for friends to understand:

Introduction to Moby bike:

Download Moby bike client

Register and bind ID data

Alipay or WeChat pay 299 yuan deposit

After the deposit is paid, you will be prompted to recharge the advance payment (i.e. the rental of the car, which can start at 1 yuan)

Scanning the QR code on the car body will unlock the lock remotely. (there are two QR codes on the body, one is on the faucet and the other is on the lock)

After scanning the code, the system will unlock the lock remotely and start charging

When you arrive at the destination, park your car at the bike park marked by the government. Do not lock it or park it in the community or garage. (the deduction is very serious. The initial credit score is 100 points, which is not deducted. )

Compared with the government's offer of car rental, there are many advantages: no public card, low threshold, Alipay or WeChat pay 299 deposit, and can ride a bike, even tourists who come to Shanghai can experience it.

Half an hour 1 yuan car rental fee, the price is close to the people (if there are too many points deducted, the price is not close to the people, and you must park according to the regulations)