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Why did violent cartoon send an apology letter on May 8, the self media "violent cartoon" released a short video with 58 seconds in the platform of "today's headlines", which contained the content of joking and insulting martyrs Dong Cunrui and Ye Ting, and was shut down, but recently it was re operated. What's the matter?

Prior to that, relevant accounts such as microblogs, comic books and major incidents were blocked by microblogs for suspected violation of laws such as the law on the protection of heroes and martyrs and the law on network security. Recently, a letter of apology was sent to the official website of the rampant cartoon, saying that it would correct its mistakes and start again.

At present, the account number of microblogging and major incidents has been permanently banned, and the violent cartoon reopened on July 11. From November 11 to now, the mob comics have pushed many works and articles promoting the spirit of heroes and role models, such as the hero's story -- Jiao Yulu, the law on the protection of heroes and martyrs, the story telling, the spirit of heroes, the study of laws and regulations, and the improvement of ideological awareness.

Violent cartoon said in an apology letter on the 11th that in the past two months, the company has stopped all activities, apologized to all sectors of society and sincerely apologized to the heroic family members. According to the article, the root cause of such a mistake lies in its weak legal consciousness, insufficient ideological education and lack of correct historical outlook and value orientation. Finally, the riotous cartoon also said that it would start anew, correct its mistakes and start anew with practical actions.

After that, mob comics launched a series of "start again" activities, which included three parts, i.e. a journey to the hometown of the martyr, a profound apology, advocating the hero, remembering the martyr, paying homage to the hero, learning laws and regulations, and improving awareness.

At present, riotous cartoon does not say whether it will launch a new column. Previously, the Ministry of culture and tourism filed a case to investigate and punish the "riotous comics" in order to vilify and hoodwink the heroic martyrs and other illegal business activities, and said that it would impose administrative penalties from scratch.