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World Cup finals: Five Star Red Flag: what are the obstacles for Chinese fans the 2018 World Cup has come to an end, but someone found that the final of the world cup showed five-star red flag. What's the situation? Let's have a look.

The 2018 World Cup ended successfully in Russia in the early morning. France won the championship, Croatia won everyone's respect, and some other countries' players won individual awards. In short, there is nothing wrong with China. However, we have seen the great five-star red flag show up in the stands of the World Cup final! This scene may be ignored by fans in other countries, but Chinese netizens are fried pot, and instantly brush on the hot search list.

In this picture, countless fans wearing Croatian uniforms cheer for the players. But a Chinese flag, stubborn Chinese fans and the five-star red flag are in a rush for the mirror! Chinese netizens have mixed feelings when they see this scene. Netizens have hot comments: 'Chinese fans are really stubborn! Sometimes it's really sad to see them. "Although the Chinese team did not participate, the Chinese flag will not be absent!"

In fact, the Chinese fans and the Chinese flag have appeared in the stands of the world cup countless times. In the last Brazil World Cup, that is, four years ago, the final Argentina vs. Germany, in addition to the fans of both sides and the host country Brazil, the Chinese fans are also present. A five-star red flag is opened and fluttered, and there will be no less Chinese fans.

But the most disturbing thing is this scene, many people are crying! Among the crowd, Chinese fans dressed in red Tang suit, holding a Chinese flag, seem to be particularly eager for the mirror. There is a huge Hercules cup printed on the national flag, and there are two versions of slogans in Chinese and English. Chinese says' Chinese dream, wait for you here! Favorite national football! Use my whole life! 'and 18 words full of deep feelings to express Chinese men's football.

In fact, every world cup, Chinese elements and Chinese people are almost everything, but the lack of the essential protagonist - Chinese men's football.