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Will house prices fall sharply in the second half of 2018

For home buyers, they are looking forward to a big fall in house prices every day. What about the house prices in the second half of 2018? Will house prices plunge? Let's take a look

1. High land cost

Flour is expensive, bread is naturally expensive! Although it's rare to see the "king of land", the cost of land acquisition by developers is still high, which means that developers are still optimistic about the prospect of the real estate market, so the house price may be difficult to fall, let alone plummet!

2. Strong demand for housing

With the continuous improvement of material living standards, more and more buyers have higher requirements for housing, which also promotes developers to constantly improve the level of projects, such as hardbound housing, so that the house price will probably be higher, how can it plummet?

3. Competition for talents

China is not short of people, but it is short of talents! In order to compete for talents, major cities across the country are attracting talents with housing welfare. In this talent competition, the house prices of some hot cities have been pushed up again, because the inflow of talents has increased and the demand for house purchase has increased greatly.

4. A house makes a home

Influenced by the traditional idea of "having a house to have a home", Chinese people will fight for houses in their adulthood. Driven by the demographic dividend, house prices will inevitably stay at a high level. It's hard to fall sharply. What's more, the two child policy has been liberalized, and the demand for housing replacement has also ushered in a wave of growth.

5. Increase of mortgage interest rate

From the current trend of housing loan interest rate, in the second half of 2018, the housing loan interest rate is likely to break through 6%. Along with the increase of housing loan interest rate, the purchase cost has increased a lot. In this case, the house price will only rise, and the buyer can not lose money, so it is difficult for the house price to fall sharply!

For the house buyers, they are looking forward to a big drop in house prices every day, but they are 'ideal is very full, reality is very bony'. From the above five points, we can know that it is really difficult for the house prices to fall sharply, so the house buyers should seize the opportunity to buy houses as soon as possible, otherwise, the higher the house prices are in the future!