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What does the old driver mean? Where did the old driver come from

What does the old driver mean? Where did the old driver come from during this period of time, the old driver took me with him. The old driver didn't agree with the terms like racing. Many people said that they were several times behind when they didn't surf the Internet in a day. Many people didn't know what the old driver was. Where did the old driver come from? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

Origin: the old driver takes me is a magical, classic and thundering Yunnan folk song. After its debut, the song has been widely praised by the audience, calling it the "king of songs", "soul stirring" and "father of divine songs". However, there are several versions of this song. Different versions have different tastes, which are available for fans who like Yunnan folk songs. The lyrics are different, but the tunes are basically the same. This song ranks among the top three online folk songs, together with "two mothers and one Lang" of the folk song sect (the three member group of folk songs) and "Weining is a good place" of Guizhou Folk Song Emperor (brother shaking legs). And the title of this song (old driver) is particularly popular in the website of secondary bullet screen!

What does the old driver mean

The old driver's view spread slowly on the Internet for various reasons, and became widely known after 2014. At first it was a broad definition, with different directions in different places. An old driver can refer to a person who is familiar with certain aspects, has relatively old qualifications, has a wide range of knowledge and has sufficient experience. Usually the word is accompanied by exclamation and reverence.

If you stay in various network communities for a long time, the senior users will be called the old drivers; the people who have a deep understanding of acgn culture and a wide range of knowledge will be called the old drivers; and the people who are very proficient in acgn culture or other cultural and scientific subdivisions will also be called the old drivers.

Pick me up please,you skilled driver!

Many forum post bar or news post appear under the old driver with me, often looking for the main seeds of the building owner and floor. It may also refer to the place where the owner has good resources and good play (wind and moon place), and let the old driver take everyone to it.

Where does the old driver come from

The word "old driver" originated from Yunnan folk song "old driver with me"

This is not a common folk song, it is a magic, evil, thunder and classic Yunnan folk song. Once it was published, it was well received by the audience, and it also won the reputation of "king of songs" and "father of divine music". And the word "old driver" has been widely spread with the fire of the song.

Old driver's expression bag

Old driver's expression bag

Old driver's expression bag