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What pregnant women can eat the effect and function of Hawthorn jam

Hawthorn sauce is a sauce made with hawthorn as the main ingredient. Sour and sweet, stomach nourishing, so what are the effects and functions of Hawthorn sauce? Can pregnant women eat Hawthorn sauce? Let's get to know each other!

Efficacy and function of Hawthorn jam

Hawthorn has high medicinal value. According to pharmacological analysis, hawthorn contains three kinds of medicaments, such as pastes, lipolytic enzymes, flavonoids and? Glucosides, which can enhance the function of regulating myocardium, promoting cholesterol transformation and reducing lipid preparation, and is also a good fruit for expanding trachea, promoting trachea cilia movement, resolving phlegm and relieving asthma. The main component of hawthorn is flavonoids, which has obvious pharmacological effect on cardiovascular system.

By 2012, there are more than 30 kinds of Huang Tong components separated from hawthorn, mainly including Huang Tong glycosides with carbon bonds, Huang Tong alcohols and their glycosides, dioxygen Huang Tong glycosides and polymerized Huang Tong. Another important component is triterpenoids, which can strengthen the heart, increase coronary blood flow and improve blood circulation. In addition, hawthorn contains organic acids such as chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid and tannin, tannin, epicatechin, choline, acetylcholine, & beta; sitosterol, carotene and a large amount of Vit C. Hawthorn sauce has the effect of appetizing and eliminating food, especially for eliminating meat and food stagnation. Hawthorn is used in many digestive drugs. Hawthorn has the contractive effect on uterus, which can give birth when pregnant women are in labor, and can promote the recovery of postpartum uterus. It can enhance the immunity of the body, and has the effect of anti-aging and anti-cancer. Hawthorn has the ingredients of relieving asthma and phlegm, inhibiting bacteria and treating abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The above content is very believed to introduce the function and effect of Hawthorn sauce for friends. All the friends who have seen it must have understood it. The way of making Hawthorn sauce is very simple. Just wash the fresh hawthorn and remove the seeds, then beat it into a paste, put it in the pot and boil it slowly with a small fire, and then stir it slowly with sugar. Be careful not to paste it. It will be OK when it becomes a paste 。

can pregnant women eat Hawthorn jam

It's not a problem to have some occasionally. Don't overdo it. One is that too much Hawthorn will cause abortion. The other is that jam contains a lot of sugar. It will increase blood sugar.

Hawthorn jam is transparent and brownish red. It is well-organized, delicate, sweet and sour, and easy to make. It provides a feasible way for the deep processing of Hawthorn jam.