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Why do boys like watching cartoons

Everyone likes watching cartoons since childhood, but why do many boys like watching cartoons when they are in their twenties? Xiaobian will show you

1. Sports Animation, such as "slam dunk master", "football kid", "tennis prince" and "Black Basketball", etc., among which the people who look at the hot-blooded sports spirit and the surpassing competitive level are really hot-blooded. 2、 Children's hot blood animation "Naruto", "death", "pirate king" and so on. These anime about loser growing into a partner can satisfy everyone's hero dream. In addition, there are superpowers similar to those in martial arts novels, which can match the lust of heroes in their hearts. Believe me, every boy has a 'violent tendency' in his heart and likes the scene of fighting.

third, some of the female characters in the emotional animation are really beautiful. Animation is beyond the reality, the sublimation of the beauty of reality. The female characters in the animation are beyond the perfection, and the reality does not exist. To sum up, animation can satisfy the fantasy pleasure that does not exist in reality,