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What kind of marriage must be abandoned?

not all marriages can be insisted all the time. Some marriages are torture for some people, so it's better to break them. So what kind of marriage must be given up? I'll summarize it in the next few times

If one party has been subjected to domestic violence for a long time, the marriage must be abandoned. The earlier it is left, the better. Otherwise, it will be painful for a lifetime.

If two people have no feelings for a long time, have nothing to say every day, and are unwilling to actively solve problems, and always have cold violence, it is better to break up early.

If two people's personalities are particularly strong, they often quarrel for a little thing, and quarrel every day, quarrel endlessly, then give up.

If one side of the marriage has cheated, and it can't be retrieved, then it's not interesting to have such a marriage together. It's better to give up.

There is no trust between the two people at all. When they are together, they are suspicious. Such a marriage is very tired. If they are unwilling to solve it, then they should give up!

Marriage needs two people to pay together. If only one party pays and the other never does his duty, then give up!