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What are the uses of banana peel

Sihaiwang: banana is called "fruit of wisdom". It is a very popular fruit. It has high nutrition and low calories. It can resist oxidation, beauty and constipation. Do you know that banana peel has many uses?

The wonderful use of banana skin can be used as skin care products, on the skin, can make the skin moist and smooth. Banana peel also has a high medicinal value, which has a very good effect on the treatment of hypertension, stroke and blood in stool. Winter can also prevent frostbite.

If the face is dry skin, you can stick the inside of banana skin on the face (the inside of the skin faces the side of the face), air for about 10 minutes, and then wash with water

1. Skilful leather sofa

Leather sofa or leather chair, the use period is very long, usually should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance work, otherwise it is not so easy to clean for a long time. Here's a trick to wipe the leather sofa. After eating the bananas, you can easily rub the inside of the banana skin on the leather surface of the sofa to eliminate the dirt and keep the leather sofa clean.

2. Skilfully polish leather shoes

The leather shoes are polished with fragrant banana skin to make the leather surface clean and bright.

3. Prevention of stroke

Take 30 grams of fresh banana peel to fry soup instead of tea, which can dilate blood vessels and prevent stroke and angina.

4. Defecate blood by skillful treatment

Take three banana skins and take them after stewing. It can cure hemorrhoids pain and stool bleeding.

5. Skillful treatment of chapped hands and feet

After wiping hands and feet with hot water every time, rub the inside of banana skin on the hands to prevent the skin of hands and feet from chapping. If there is already a crack, you can rub the banana peel directly at the crack, and it can be cured by using it several times.

6. Qiaozhi oral ulcer: banana peel is a very good traditional Chinese medicine, its dry product plus another traditional Chinese medicine named: mother of fire charcoal (also called huotanmao) in a pot of water, add some brown sugar to taste, drink can treat oral inflammation, ulcer (commonly known as dengzhandang); and the role of defecation.

Methods of banana skin beauty

The banana is delicious, and the banana peel cannot be discarded at will. Banana peel has certain beauty effect, you can understand the beauty loving women.

1. Banana skin dressing: heat the banana skin for 20 seconds, remove the yellow layer, remember to scrape it off slowly with a knife, mash it into a white paste, reheat it for 20 seconds, smear it on the face when the face can accept the temperature, and wash it off with warm water after 20 minutes, which has a good cosmetic effect.

In addition, the inner side of banana peel can also be pasted on the face (the inner side of the peel faces the face), dried for about 10 minutes, and then washed with water to make the skin moist and smooth.

There are other methods: banana powder + honey + milk + water, half banana, mash and add some milk and honey, mix into paste, apply on the face, keep for 15-20 minutes, then wash away. Can make the skin fresh and smooth, and can remove acne on the face, fade freckles.

2. Banana skin for pruritus: banana skin contains banana skin element, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Patients can select fresh banana skin and rub it repeatedly on the itchy skin (tinea cruris, tinea manus, tinea corporis, etc.), or mash it into mud, or fry it and wash it for several days, and it will work. The results show that banana peel is effective in the treatment of pruritus and beriberi caused by fungi or bacteria.

Banana peel boiling water effect but banana peel boiling water, especially suitable for patients with hypertension and constipation friends. The method is to fry and stew the banana peel and Bingtang together with water and drink them twice a day, which has the effect of dilating blood vessels and can help reduce blood pressure. In addition, people with constipation can relieve the symptoms of constipation by roasting the banana skin on the fire or stewing it and eating it while it is hot.

Note: banana peel contains polysaccharide, protein, vitamin C and other nutrients, which are not suitable for diabetic patients.