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What are the precautions for how to clean the range hood

Four seas net: lampblack machine is essential in our life, lampblack machine is a good helper of modern family kitchen, but how to clean lampblack machine often makes housewives have a big headache, so how to clean lampblack machine?

How to clean the lampblack machine

Most people are used to dismantle and clean the range hood when cleaning it, which wastes time and easily damages the parts. This paper introduces a kind of cleaning method which is time-saving and labor-saving without dismantling the machine.

1. Take a plastic bottle (all kinds of beverage bottles that can be pinched flat by hand), poke more than 10 holes on the cover with a sewing needle, and then put in a proper amount of detergent, then fill it with warm water and shake it evenly.

2. Start the range hood and spray the cleaning liquid towards the waiting part with a plastic bottle full of detergent. At this time, it can be seen that the oil stain and dirty water flow into the oil storage hopper together and pour them when they are full.

3. After the detergent in the bottle is used up, continue to prepare and clean again. Until the dirty water flowing out becomes clear, depending on the scale degree, it can be washed clean after 3 times.

4. If there is a net cover outside the fan blade, it is better to take the net cover down first to enhance the washing effect.

5. Wipe the area around the suction port, the surface of the casing and the lampshade with a rag.

Measures to prevent oil contamination of kitchen gas pipeline:

The building users who use the pipeline gas will encounter this situation: the oil pollution adhering to the gas pipeline is thick and difficult to remove. Here are some preventive measures:

1. First, clean the oil on the gas pipe thoroughly, and then use the paper cut by the waste calendar (5cm) about wide, and wind it up along the gas pipe, which is not only beautiful and generous, but also convenient for the paper dirty.

2. After using the range hood, clean up the oil basin. Put the plastic bag for sweet orange into the oil box and stick it to the wall of the box. When the oil in the box is full, remove the bag full of oil and replace it with a new one. This can not only solve the problem of unclean oil companies, but also use waste plastic bags, saving time.

3. The waste oil in the fume oil box can be used:

Nowadays, many family kitchens use range hoods, whose oil boxes are full of waste oil in a few days. It is the best "degreaser" to remove stains on kitchen windows, ventilators and lampblack machines. Specific method: dip a rag or rag towel in the waste oil and smear it on the greasy spot, then wipe off the greasy spot with a cloth, and then polish it with a clean cloth. Articles with thick oil stain can be soaked in waste oil for a few seconds, and can be wiped off with cloth after the oil stain softens (especially thick ones need to be scraped with thin bamboo board). )

In addition, the doors and windows are connected by iron hinges, which are often open and close, and wear severely. Small wooden sticks can be used to spot the waste oil on the hinge shaft, which not only prolongs the service life of the hinge, but also reduces the noise.

What are the precautions for cleaning the lampblack machine

The range hood can be said to be one of the necessary household appliances in the modern family kitchen. The performance and convenience of the range hood largely determine the air quality in the home and the health of housewives, so it can not be ignored. When the range hood is used for a long time, its surface and inner cavity will be full of oil pollution, which will affect its normal smoke exhaust effect. Therefore, regular and correct cleaning of the range hood is the prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the range hood.

1. First, cut off the power supply of the range hood to ensure personal safety.

2. The surface of the shell of the range hood and the net cover are scrubbed with soft cloth with a small amount of warm water containing neutral detergent. Dry with a soft dry cloth.

3. Removal and cleaning of inner cavity of wheel and volute:

(1) Unscrew the cover plate of the net cover and the screws of the net cover, and remove the cover plate and the net cover.

(2) Then unscrew the fastening screws of the wind wheel and take out the wind wheel.

(3) Soak the parts in warm water with neutral detergent, wash them with soft cloth and dry them.

(4) Use a soft cloth with a small amount of warm water containing neutral detergent to clean the dirt in the inner cavity of the volute, and then dry it.

(5) Install the above parts in the reverse order of disassembly.

(6) After installation, check whether the oil circuit of the appliance is smooth and whether the sealing ring on the volute can be sealed.

4. Precautions for cleaning impeller and volute:

(1) During cleaning, the motor and electrical parts shall not be allowed to enter water.

(2) When cleaning, do not pull the internal connecting wire forcibly, otherwise the connecting point will be loose, causing electric shock.

(3) It is forbidden to use alcohol, banana water, gasoline and other flammable solvents to clean the range hood in order to prevent fire accidents.

(4) Wear rubber gloves when cleaning to prevent sharp edges of metal parts from hurting people.

(5) The removed parts shall be handled with care to avoid deformation. When cleaning the impeller, special care shall be taken to avoid touching or moving the balance weight of the blade. Otherwise, vibration and noise of the whole machine will increase.

For those range hoods with filter screen cover, the internal structure of the range hoods does not need to be cleaned because the range hoods have been filtered before entering the interior of the appliance. It is only necessary to clean the outer shell and filter screen cover of the appliance according to the cycle specified in the instructions.

5. Cleaning of filter screen cover:

(1) Unscrew the screws that secure the net cover.

(2) Soak the removed filter screen cover in warm water with neutral detergent for 5-10 minutes.

(3) Clean the dirt in the pores of the filter screen with a soft plastic brush, and then dry it with a dry rag.

(4) After installation, check whether the oil circuit of the appliance is smooth and whether the sealing ring on the volute can be sealed