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How to remove the fat particles on the face

Sometimes there will be fat particles on the face, which are not very beautiful, making people feel that the skin is particularly bad. How to remove them? Don't worry too much. Here are some ways to remove the fat particles. You can try them.

1. Eye cream

Fat granules are small white cysts formed in the recovery process of wounds that are small and invisible to the naked eye. They need to use eye cream according to different time. The fresh and moisturizing eye cream can be used in the morning; the more nutritious and moisturizing eye cream can be selected before going to bed at night, which can repair the skin around the eyes well, and sleep at night can help the skin around the eyes absorb.

2, VE

Take several capsules of vitamin E, prick them, smear the liquid of vitamin E on the fat particles, and massage gently with your hands for about 3 minutes.

3. Lemon

Take 1-2 slices of lemon and put them into a cup of boiling water to soak and drink. Drink one cup on an empty stomach every morning. Lemon has a strong germicidal effect, and it can help the body to detoxify and consume oil, thus achieving the effect of eliminating fat particles.

4. Chlortetracycline ointment

After washing the face every night, apply the aureomycin ointment evenly on the place with fat particles. The fat particles will dry out in about two weeks. At this time, it is easy to peel off, but some of them are also ineffective.

5. Pick out

Wash your face with warm water.

a. Apply a hot towel with a temperature of about 40 ℃ on your face for 3 minutes to fully open your pores.

b. Where there are fat particles, massage in circles with massage cream.

c. Massage for about 3 minutes. When white dots appear on the fat particles, wipe off the massage cream with a cotton swab.

d. The acne needle that has been sterilized has the prickly side, and the white head of the fat grain is lifted.

e. Then use the sterilized acne needle to gently press on the fat granules, and the fat granules come out by themselves.

f. After that, wash your face.

6. Laser

Today, with the development of beauty industry, the method of removing fat particles by laser is also common. It is said that the trauma is small and fast, but the price of removing fat particles by laser is expensive. Moreover, if the eyes are worried about safety issues, the method of removing fat particles by laser should be carefully selected.