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What should lovers do?

love between two places, also known as long-distance love. If we use the correct concept, long-distance love is a test. If we can maintain it well, it will not only make the feelings of both sides more stable and firm, but also achieve the meaning of the word "long life together". On the contrary, maintenance is not only painful for both sides, but also can only cause regret. Let Xiaobian write down the experience of long-distance love that he has experienced and share it with you, hoping to help you who are worried.

Both sides have clear goals. As we all know, love is not a matter of one person, so is long-distance love. It needs two people to create together to be truly happy. Happiness needs to be tested. Although long-distance love can not meet often, it may be a kind of torture, but as long as both sides can really clear their goals, even if they are separated from each other, to reach a consensus, we can better strengthen our hearts and maintain this hard won relationship.

To give each other a trust is separated by two places. It is impossible for us to see what each other is thinking and doing every day. There will be a lot of suspicion, which is a normal psychology. But if it's a real feeling, we shouldn't have too much suspicion. We should give each other a real trust properly. If we don't have a little suspicion, it will not only help us not to think nonsense and reduce pain, but also give this feeling a real trust.

We can't see each other regularly if we keep communication between two places every day. If we don't have communication, our relationship will be in great danger. So every day, or at a set time, you should keep in touch with each other and talk more about topics that make them happy. If it's cold recently, remember to add clothes to keep warm. These seemingly insignificant words can warm people's hearts more than a padded jacket.

It's very delicate to send blessings on every festival. Sometimes some greetings and warm care can be hundreds of times more effective than some valuable materials. In particular, some more meaningful festivals, such as Valentine's day, Christmas, these festivals have a certain significance for couples. Although we can't spend it together, at least on that day, we should have a spiritual company or affectionate greetings.

Pay more attention to each other's details. Everyone will encounter many things in every day. When they encounter bad things, their mood will inevitably be bad. At this moment when people are most in need, it must be you that TA thinks of, especially some stronger people, but he will never want to worry you. However, when communicating, there will always be something wrong, so once we feel something wrong with each other, we must greet and care about each other, and not let every setback erode the heart of each other, which is the expression of love TA.

When quarreling, try to keep calm. Some people say that all feelings come from quarreling step by step. It's the same as not fighting or not knowing each other. Of course, quarrels are essential for every relationship, especially between two places. Quarrels are more helpless. So when we quarrel, we should try our best to keep calm, use our understanding of each other, think about each other's psychology, and think about why each other is angry or sad. Even if you can't keep calm during a quarrel, you should have a peaceful talk after the quarrel, and never ignore it willfully.

I believe that we are familiar with the story of meeting Cowherd and Zhinu regularly. We can only meet once a year. Some people feel sorry and some feel happy. It is true that time will dilute everything, so even in how firm the heart, there will be a missing, missing will also dilute. So the best way for us to maintain our relationship is to meet each other. Sometimes a lot of complaints, or various reasons that we can't hold on to, will be wonderful after meeting.

matters needing attention

It is the unswerving heart of both sides that matters!