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How to relieve stomachache quickly which organ is the most delicate in our body. That must be the stomach. Maybe if we don't pay attention to our diet, it will cause stomachache. The stomachache is still very painful. Stomachache we often encounter, if it is in the shopping, or work, or more important scenes of stomachache, it will be very troublesome. So how to relieve the stomachache quickly? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

How to relieve stomachache quickly

You can squat down quickly when you have stomachache

If the stomach suddenly hurts and there is no medicine, remember to squat down and hold your stomach with both hands. Try to press your upper body on your squatting legs and press your stomach tightly, which will improve the acuteness of stomach pain.

A glass of hot water for stomachache

When stomachache, remember, can pour a cup of hotter water, drink next, like this, also can have Alleviative Effect. This is because it is possible that too much stomach acid causes stomach pain, so drinking water will dilute it.

You can take some medicine to promote digestion when you have stomachache

When the stomach hurts, it may be the uncomfortable feeling caused by overeating. At this time, you can take some medicine to promote digestion, or keep still to make the stomach in a state of peaceful digestion.

You can drink a glass of strong milk when you have stomachache

When you have stomachache, remember that you can also drink a cup of thick milk, which must be pure milk. After drinking this kind of milk, it will also improve your stomachache. Because when milk enters the stomach, it will separate the stomach wall from other substances and reduce the pain.

You can eat something when you have stomachache

Sometimes stomachache is also caused by hunger. At this time, remember to prepare some snacks in the place where you work, so that when you feel hungry, you can eat some, which can also reduce your stomachache.