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What are the new policies of Hangzhou provident fund in 2018 Provident Fund refers to the long-term housing fund paid by state organs, state-owned enterprises, urban collective enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, urban private enterprises and other urban enterprises, institutions, private non enterprise units, social organizations and their employees. What are the new changes of Hangzhou provident fund in 2018? What are the purposes of the provident fund?

In 2018, the new provisions of Hangzhou provident fund, in order to implement the spirit of "the house is for living, not for speculation" positioning and the establishment of the rental purchase housing system, in accordance with the notice of the general office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China on the implementation of the housing provident fund policy inspection and risk troubleshooting (jbjh [2018] No. 284), Zhejiang Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, Zhejiang Province The Circular of the Ministry of finance, Hangzhou Central Branch of the people's Bank of China and Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department on Forwarding the Circular of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Ministry of finance, the people's Bank of China and the Ministry of public security on carrying out the work of illegal extraction of housing provident fund (Jian Jin [2018] No. 148) and other provisions is hereby notified as follows:

1、 Focus on supporting the employees to purchase the first ordinary housing and the second improved housing in the place of deposit or household registration, and withdraw the housing accumulation fund. If the employees purchase houses in non local and non household registration places and repay the principal and interest of housing loans, they shall not withdraw the housing accumulation fund.

2、 In case of termination or termination of labor relationship between employees who are not registered in this city and the unit, personal account shall be sealed first. During the period of account sealing, if the housing accumulation fund account is opened in another place and deposited stably for more than half a year, the transfer and continuation procedures in another place shall be handled; if it is not deposited continuously in another place, it can be withdrawn after half a year of sealing.

3、 In case that the same person changes the marriage relationship for many times to buy a house, many people frequently buy and sell the same house, or non spouse or non lineal relatives jointly purchase a house and apply for housing accumulation fund, the authenticity of housing consumption behavior and certification materials shall be strictly examined.

4、 If the housing accumulation fund is withdrawn according to the lease, it can be withdrawn once a year, and the withdrawal limit shall not exceed 12 months.

5、 Cancel the provision of "housing provident fund withdrawn after the termination of labor relationship between female employees with household registration in this city and male employees with household registration at least 45 years old and male employees at least 50 years old".

6、 For the employees who illegally withdraw the housing accumulation fund, they shall record their dishonesty records, strengthen the supervision of dishonesty, and implement joint punishment. They shall not apply for the withdrawal and loan of housing accumulation fund within three years.

What are the uses of provident fund

1. Buying a house

The main purpose of provident fund is to buy houses. When you purchase the real estate, you can directly withdraw the original provident fund, and then deposit the provident fund to repay the house loan. The specific amount and interest rate can refer to the loan policy of each region, or consult the management department of the accumulation fund and the personnel department of each region.

2. Renting

For many people, especially in hot cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the pressure of rent is not small. And with the rise of house price, the rent is also rising, and it's not a small amount all year round.

Renters can apply for provident fund to pay rent and reduce their life pressure. Provident fund can not only pay the rent of economic rental housing with rent matching or government rent subsidy, but also pay the rent of market rental housing, so that you can no longer worry about the rent!

3. Decoration

Housing provident fund can also be used when we decorate, which many people may not know, you can apply for and consult in the housing provident fund office in various regions. Even if you can't buy a new house at present and decorate the existing house, you will feel like living in a new house.

And now the cost of decoration is not low, with the accumulation fund will reduce a large part of the expenditure, while improving the quality of housing, but also as far as possible do not affect the existing quality of life. For the construction, renovation and overhaul of self owned houses on rural collective land and the use of housing loans, the employees and their spouses may apply for the withdrawal of the amount of the accumulation fund before the month when the building of houses is approved, and the total withdrawal shall not exceed the cost of building houses.

4. Pay for medical expenses

In addition, accidents are inevitable in life. If the living family members suffer from major diseases or need major surgery for hospitalization, they and their spouses can apply for withdrawal of provident fund to pay for medical expenses within one year from the date of hospitalization.

Therefore, under the dual guarantee of medical insurance and accumulation fund, the burden of medical expenses has been greatly reduced.