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How to ensure the safety of girls walking alone at night?

now the society is getting more and more restless at night. Girls should pay more attention to their own safety when walking at night. Try not to work overtime if you can. Try not to walk on the road at night if you don't go home alone. Always have a sense of safety and do not slack off.

Take a taxi when you are far away

Don't put yourself in an extremely unsafe environment to save money. When you take a taxi, you should also note the license plate number of the car, the driver's name, etc., and never make a black car or a car without taking photos. You can earn the money from other places. If something happens, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Try to go where there are as many people as possible

If the road is not far, or there is no place to take a taxi, girls try to go to some places with more people. Walk on the street with street lights or cameras, so that if you encounter bad people, someone can help you, or it's easy to collect evidence.

Can be with your fellow travelers

You don't have to say hello to fellow passers-by. You can walk with them nearby. It will be much safer. If there are bad people, they dare not act rashly.

Don't play mobile

It's very dangerous for a person to play mobile phone on the way home, so your vigilance will be greatly reduced, and you can't be sure when you will be stared at. Go home as soon as possible. Don't play with cell phones or make phone calls.

Don't wear too sexy at night

You wear too sexy, walking alone at night, it's easy to be stared at by bad guys. If you know you'll come home late at night, try to wear long pants. Don't wear miniskirts and stockings for the sake of beauty. You are tempting people to commit crimes.

Self defense equipment

A simple and small self-defense equipment is provided, which can be used in case of danger. It can be put in the bag and not carried around. It can be taken out quickly in case of emergency.

Boyfriend transfer

If you go out too late, you'd better let your boyfriend pick you up or your boyfriend pick you up, which is safer. Don't be afraid of being embarrassed or bothering others. In fact, many boys are willing to be escorts. Invite them boldly.