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How to drink if you can't push off the dinner?

with the improvement of living standards, friends get together by happy events, either at dinner or on the road. In the dinner table, we often encounter people who drink a lot, and some people who drink are drunk. But it is often that drinking a large amount of alcohol has become the leading role in the situation around the dinner, and at the same time, we will try our best to make friends who drink a small amount of alcohol drink constantly under various excuses. So, what should we do about the drink that can't be pushed out in the meal? The editor talked with you about this topic as follows. Please point out the improper points. First of all, in good faith to treat friends in the right amount of drinking.

It is a very happy thing to have a party among friends, and at the same time, there is something to celebrate. Therefore, it is very necessary to treat friends sincerely and let everyone drink happily. Happy events are shared with you, and a joy is spread to countless. Even if you drink a little wine, you will get drunk. You still need to drink a little wine for celebration.

Second, sharing unique experiences distracts drinking.

The most relaxing meal is a party between friends. Without the pressure of the presence of leaders and the urgency of customers' performance, they can freely play their own unique experience and thus distract their drinking attention. You can tell your friends the unforgettable moment of first love, introduce the green and astringent who just stepped into the society, etc. your friends are attracted by your wonderful story, and the strength of persuading wine may be over. Third, transfer the target to find a good friend to drink.

Although it's a party between friends, there are also friends with good drinking capacity. Therefore, it is also a good way to transfer the target in time to find friends with good drinking capacity to drink the wine under these persuasions. But pay attention, don't let cool friends drink too much wine at a time, otherwise it will damage the health of friends and hurt the friendship between each other.

Fourth, set up interesting programs to ease the atmosphere of drinking.

If a party among friends and a small interesting program are properly set up during the dinner, the atmosphere of persuasion will be greatly eased, thus reducing the pressure brought by the persuasion. This kind of interesting small program can be performed in turn or in lottery. Only the rules of the game are recognized, and it seems that everyone's turn is just and equal.

Fifthly, I'll leave for a while.

It's the most helpless move to leave for a while, but it can also be taken. If you happen to have relatives or old friends calling, it's the best time to leave the dinner. It can be to deal with the urgent affairs of family members, or to receive the important business of customers.

Sixth, it's a pity to get drunk before drinking.

Some friends have a natural characteristic. Even if they only drink a spoonful of alcohol, they will immediately reflect on their faces, which are red all over their faces, and even their eyes will be covered with bloodshot. In the eyes of ordinary people, it's the performance of being drunk. Therefore, it's compassionate to get drunk before drinking, unless you don't care about your friends at all.

Seventh, raise your glass to celebrate with the opportunity of paying the bill.

If you can't drink your friend's advice, you can raise your glass to celebrate the wedding, and take the opportunity of paying the bill to leave the table immediately and go to the service desk to pay the bill. It's the best way to deal with your friend's advice and express your gratitude to your friend. But it must be based on the availability of credit card.