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How to deal with acne on your face

Whether it is adolescence or improper diet caused by acne on the face, not only affect the beauty, serious easy to get skin cancer. A lot of people as long as the face sees blain to begin to wipe aloe glue, so wipe aloe glue really useful? Follow Xiaobian to have a look

may be allergic. It is mainly due to internal factors that people should pay attention to normal facial cleaning and water supplement when using acne; Usually pay more attention to self-care: 1. For oily skin with strong sebum secretion, avoid over cleaning. After cleaning, pay attention to appropriate water supplement and maintain water oil balance. 2. Try not to touch the acne on the face with your hands, because it is easy to stimulate the face; 3. Try to eat as light as possible, do not eat spicy food, do not drink, smoke 4, develop good living habits, exercise properly, ensure regular work and rest time, usually drink more water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables 5, sleep must be sufficient, relax, avoid the disorder of hormones caused by rising liver fire 6, try to avoid using too many skin care products